Video: No to the Synodal Committee!

Video: No to the Synodal Committee!


On June 14 and 15, 2024, in Mainz, Germany, the so-called "Synodal Committee", created last November in Essen, Germany, met for the second time in order to implement the goals of the radical reform of the Church's structure, decided in the highly controversial and heretical "Synodal Way".

Volunteers from the German section of the TFP are constantly mobilizing to confront these innovators and to give voice to the silenced faithful.

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After protesting at the last meeting of the Synodal Way in Frankfurt in February 2023, they toured hundreds of parishes in the dioceses of Limburg, Mainz, Aachen, Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Bamberg, Eichstätt, Speyer, Würzburg, Augsburg, Passau and Regensburg, [Watch the video] as well as the archdioceses of Munich and Luxembourg, distributing manifestos and contacting the faithful who oppose this institutionalized destruction of the faith and ecclesial structure in Germany.

They were also present at the first meeting of the "Synodal Committee" in Essen in November 2023, and last Saturday they organized another protest at the second meeting, this time in Mainz.

This time, alternating between the decades of the Rosary, speeches and slogans were read out and the volunteers left the reformers - including the vast majority of German bishops present - at a loss as to how to react.

The bishop of Aachen, Helmut Dieser, approached the faithful to read the posters but kept the strictest silence - unlike the hugs aimed at homosexual and feminist activists at previous protests.

Bishops and lay delegates of the Synodal Committee had to listen - in silence - for more than an hour to the prayers, songs and speeches of the faithful who protested: "Non licet tibi. This is not permitted to you!"


Click here and take part in this effort to renew the Faith by responding to the survey of all faithful Catholics on the "German Synodal Way".


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