In Essen, the faithful say NO to the German "Synodal Committee"!

In Essen, the faithful say NO to the German "Synodal Committee"!


Unfortunately, it seems that a large part of the German episcopate has decided to pave the way for schism and heresy.

In fact, at the final meeting of the Synodal Way in March 2023, in addition to the controversial acceptance of a ceremony for the pseudo-blessing of "alternative couples", it was decided to create a "Synodal Committee", a body that would guarantee the implementation of the decisions of the Synodal Way and, in particular, the participation of the laity in the decision-making of the German Church.

The creation of such a "committee" is nothing more than an attempt to establish an alternative hierarchy, and therefore its foundation is schismatic.

Moreover, this so-called Synodal Committee is explicitly acting against the directives of the Vatican and the Pope.

In a letter dated January 2023, the German bishops were expressly forbidden to establish a mixed body.

In this document, Bishop Georg Bätzing is informed that "neither the Synodal Way, nor a body appointed by it, nor an Episcopal Conference has the competence to establish the 'Synodal Council' at the national, diocesan or parish level".

Nevertheless, the constitutive meeting of this schismatic committee took place on November 10th in Essen, in an almost secret session, since, contrary to the custom, the exact place and time of the meeting were not announced - probably to avoid any demonstration by the local faithful.

However, volunteers from the German TFP organized a public rosary in front of the Essen Cathedral, which happened to be less than 500 meters from the hotel where the "committee" met.

Supported by the local faithful, the young volunteers came to repeat to the shepherds of the Catholic flock, who open the door to the wolf of heresy, schism and immorality, the words of the forerunner of the Savior, St. John the Baptist, which were echoed throughout the tour of southern Germany, visiting more than 700 parishes: "Non licet tibi. It is not lawful for you!"