TFP Student Action Europe Summer Academy

The TFP Student Action - Europe Conference is aimed at young Europeans who want to exert a decisive influence on society. It is about how to lead decisive, future-oriented action for the Catholic faith and Christian civilization in the 21st century.

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- Place: Villa Notre-Dame de la Clairière, Creutzwald – France

During the conferences, the participants will have the opportunity to understand the modern crisis, studying the apex of the revolutionary process in our days and the first glimpses of the coming chaos. As a solution, they will learn about the roots of the Counter-Revolution, its mechanisms of action in our days, and the fundamental role of the Blessed Virgin in this battle.

The conferences will be enriched by examples of current campaigns that challenge the imposition of abortion, gender ideology, and the advance of Satanism in different European countries. In an elevated atmosphere, participants will have the opportunity to meet other like-minded young people, in a unique occasion to develop their own spiritual life.

For the daily battles, they will receive tips and suggestions on how to better organize themselves on their campuses in the good fight for moral values. This will include debate practices, brainstorming sessions, and practical analysis.

You’re cordially invited to participate in the next program, in days of formation and camaraderie to prepare for the fight in defense of Christian Civilisation.

For more details about upcoming programs, write to us.

“…you are like crusaders united to fight against the world; not like Religious who retreat from the world lest they be overcome, but like brave and valiant warriors on the battle-field, who refuse to retreat or even yield an inch. Be brave and fight courageously.” St. Louis de Montfort said so eloquently in his Letter to the Friends of the Cross.

The video below, made by TFP Student Action USA about a Winter Conference held at their main headquarters in Spring Grove, gives an idea of what these programs are all about:

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