Revolution and Counter-Revolution

In 1959, Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira wrote Revolution and Counter-Revolution which analyzes the multisecular crisis of the West born with Humanism and the Renaissance: it is a process which, after Protestantism, the French Revolution, the Revolution Russian Revolution of 1917 and the 1968 Revolution, now gives the bitter fruits of post-modern society.

These successive stages are the metamorphoses of one and only Revolution, Gnostic and egalitarian, demolishing the once flourishing Christian civilization.

The book Revolution and Counter-Revolution is a set of theses that help to better understand the spirit and principles of the TFP.In a concise manner he traces the contours of the immense avalanche that is the Revolution, designates it by its name, succinctly indicates its root causes, the agents who propagate it, the essential elements of its doctrine, the respective importance of the various terrains on which it operates, the vigor of its dynamism, the mechanism of its expansion.

Symmetrically, he also studies the analogous points relating to the Counter-Revolution and certain conditions necessary for the victory of this one.

The reading and study of Revolution and Counter-Revolution is useful and even indispensable to all those who wish to know better the thought and the action of the TFP.

More broadly, this essay is also indispensable to all Catholics who want to campaign effectively for the defense of the Christian Civilization and to keep the hope of victoriously opposing the triumphant Revolution.

Revolution and counter revolution

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