German Bishops Head for the Abyss in the Name of "Synodality": Faithful Catholics Unite to Resist!

Volunteers from the German section of the TFP and faithful Catholics gathered in Mainz to say no to the "Synodal Committee" that met in Mainz last Saturday

German Bishops Head for the Abyss in the Name of "Synodality": Faithful Catholics Unite to Resist!


On June 14 and 15, 2024, in Mainz, Germany, the so-called "Synodal Committee", created last November in Essen, Germany, met for the second time in order to implement the goals of the radical reform of the Church's structure, decided in the highly controversial and heretical "Synodal Way".

What is the "Synodal Way"?

The "Synodal Way" is a movement to reform (i.e. destroy) the German Church, which has scandalized the faithful and episcopates throughout the world with the radical nature of its proposals.

Without any basis in Canon Law or Church Tradition, the proponents of the Synod seek to lay the foundations for what they believe to be a necessary universal reform of the Church.

For them, it is to serve as a model and driving force for the Universal Synod currently underway in the Vatican.

The "German experience" thus appears as an extreme, albeit articulate and influential, faction in the vast universe of those promoting "synodality.

Book-denouncement sent by the TFP to bishops around the world: "The Breached Dam: The Fiducia Supplicans Surrender to the Homosexual Movement", documents and explains what is happening in the Church in light of the recent Vatican document Fiducia supplicans. - Click here to download for free


The delegates of the "Synodal Committee" (in the background) silently watch the protest in defense of the Faith and for the conversion of Germany


Click here and take part in this effort to renew the Faith by responding to the survey of all faithful Catholics on the "German Synodal Way".


The Sovietization of the Church - The "Synodal Committee"

Controversy quickly erupted over proposals to ordain women to the priesthood and to administer the sacrament of baptism, to change the Church's teaching on homosexuality, and to end priestly celibacy.

Bishop Stephan Ackermann of the Diocese of Trier presides over a "Queer ecumenical ceremony" in the Cathedral that houses the Holy Robe of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

As part of this reform process, which also aimed to involve more lay people in the life and governance of the Church, the idea of a Synodal Council in 2022 was proposed as a new national governing body composed of 70 members, both bishops and lay people.

At the same time, a "Synodal Committee", to be co-chaired by Bishop Georg Bätzing of Limburg, President of the German Bishops' Conference, Irme Stetter-Karp, Bishop Peter Kohlgrafand and Mara Klein who describes herself as a "non-binary person", was also approved with the specific task of establishing the Synodal Council so that it would be active by 2026.

However, the proposal for a Synodal Council was met with immediate backlash, as it would be able to pass resolutions with a simple majority. With just 23 bishop-members on the committee, after four refused to participate, over half of the body's 70 members are laypeople, meaning resolutions could theoretically be passed without the approval of any of the country's bishops.

Taken to its ultimate consequences, this path would imply a profound subversion of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The German experience and the Synod on Synodality

Some Vaticanists fear that the influence of the German progressives could be decisive in the work of the Universal Synod, whose second session will be held next October, as was partly the case during the Second Vatican Council, when "the Rhine flowed into the Tiber.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has stated: "They are dreaming of another Church that has nothing to do with the Catholic faith ... and they want to abuse this process to move the Catholic Church - and not only in [a] different direction, but in the destruction of the Catholic Church".¹

A Failed Path

The disaster of the Church in Germany is obvious. Ironically, the Synodal Way is supposed to serve as a model for reforming the universal Church.

Yet everyone sees that the Church in Germany, in the midst of the worst crisis in its history, is almost disappearing because of ideas and practices similar to those that inspired the Weg.

Why would anyone want to impose on the church a way that has led to disaster elsewhere?


Click here and take part in this effort to renew the Faith by responding to the survey of all faithful Catholics on the "German Synodal Way".


The only solution is Resistance

Given the pioneering role of the "Way", much of the momentum of the progressive forces seeking to impose their reformist agenda on the universal Church through the "Synod of Synodality" depends on the results of the "German experience".

Various lay movements - and even workers in the various dioceses and parishes - have spoken out against the innovations, but are consistently ignored and marginalized from the discussions and bodies of the "Synodal Way".

Aspect of the protest in Mainz last Saturday

Volunteers from the German section of the TFP are constantly mobilizing to confront these innovators and to give voice to the silenced faithful.

After protesting at the last meeting of the Synodal Way in Frankfurt in February 2023, they toured hundreds of parishes in the dioceses of Limburg, Mainz, Aachen, Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Bamberg, Eichstätt, Speyer, Würzburg, Augsburg, Passau and Regensburg, [Watch the video] as well as the archdioceses of Munich and Luxembourg, distributing manifestos and contacting the faithful who oppose this institutionalized destruction of the faith and ecclesial structure in Germany.

A scene from the campaign held in front of Munich Cathedral in the summer of 2023, where volunteers visited more than 700 parishes in 9 dioceses in southern Germany to warn the faithful against heresy and the possible schism of a large part of the German episcopate
German section of the TFP with volunteers from Maria 1.0 and other groups of German faithful who oppose the errors of the Synodal Path. Scene of the protest held during the last session of the Synodal Path in February 2023
One of the many public rosaries of reparation for the "Alternative Couple Blessing Ceremonies" held in various German dioceses, in front of Aachen Cathedral


Click here and take part in this effort to renew the Faith by responding to the survey of all faithful Catholics on the "German Synodal Way".


Protest at the second meeting of the "Synodal Committee" in Mainz

They were also present at the first meeting of the "Synodal Committee" in Essen in November 2023, and last Saturday they organized another protest at the second meeting, this time in Mainz.

Another angle of the protest in Mainz last Saturday

Alternating between the decades of the Rosary, speeches and slogans were read out and the volunteers left the reformers - including the vast majority of German bishops present - at a loss as to how to react.

The bishop of Aachen, Helmut Dieser, approached the faithful to read the posters but kept the strictest silence - unlike the hugs aimed at homosexual and feminist activists at previous protests.
Bishops and lay delegates of the Synodal Committee had to listen - in silence - for more than an hour to the prayers, songs and speeches of the faithful who protested: "Non licet tibi. This is not permitted to you!"

"Non licet tibi. This is not permitted to you!"

We reproduce part of the speech, which was repeated dozens of times over the loudspeaker for the bishops:

"The members of the Synodal Committee meeting today in Mainz are acting outside of canon law and in no way represent German Catholics.

Moreover, this so-called Synodal Committee is acting expressly against the directives of the Vatican and the Pope"
Bishop Georg Bätzing, head of the Diocese of Limburg, president of the German Bishops' Conference, of the Synodal Way and now of the Synodal Committee - co-chaired by Mara Klein, who describes herself as a "non-binary person"
"Such a body is not provided for in current canon law, and therefore a decision of the DBK in this regard would be invalid - with the corresponding legal consequences," wrote Cardinals Víctor Manuel Fernández, Robert Francis Prevost and Pietro Parolin on February 17, 2024.

The approval of the statutes of the Synodal Committee would therefore be contrary to the instruction of the Holy See, given by the Holy Father with a special mandate, and would once again represent a fait accompli," the cardinals warned. Another part of the speech read.
It continued: "Unfortunately, it seems that a large part of the German episcopate has decided to open the way to schism and heresy.

We repeat here for the shepherds of the Catholic flock, who are opening the door to the wolf of heresy, schism and immorality, the words of the forerunner of the Savior, St. John the Baptist: "Non licet tibi. This is not permitted to you!"

"We therefore call upon all true Catholics to resist with all the legal means at our disposal. In the face of the internal revolution we are experiencing in the Church, let us not be carried away by discouragement and uncertainty.

The Church has withstood other winds and storms and emerged stronger. The Creed, the Ten Commandments, the entire Bible, and the perennial Magisterium of the Church confirm this position” the text concludes.

At the end of the speech, the volunteers shouted in unison the slogan repeated in every diocese they passed: "Wir bleiben katholisch!" - We remain Catholic!

After a few repetitions, some of the "committee" delegates couldn't resist shouting back: "We too!

We hope that they will then be consistent and abandon the way of Luther and so many other apostates.

In addition to the shouts, a beautiful German hymn - traditionally sung at the Easter Vigil - echoed throughout the event: Fest soll mein Taufbund immer stehn

Below is a free translation:

My baptismal covenant shall always stand firm, I want to hear the church! She will always see me faithful and obedient to her teachings! Thanks be to the Lord, who by grace has called me into His Church, I will never depart from it!


Click here and take part in this effort to renew the Faith by responding to the survey of all faithful Catholics on the "German Synodal Way".



¹ Raymond Arroyo, “Cardinal Müller on Synod on Synodality: ‘A Hostile Takeover of the Church of Jesus Christ . . . We Must Resist,’” National Catholic Register, Oct. 7, 2022, -takeover-of-the-church-of-jesus-christ-we-must-resist.

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