Survey to all faithful Catholics!

Survey to all faithful Catholics!

Yes to the Catholic faith!

No to the Synodal Way!

Faith movement for the renewal of the true faith in Germany

The Catholic Church in Germany is in free fall: With an exorbitant number of apostasies, and a shrinking number of people attending services, baptisms, and church marriages, the reputation of the episcopate is in the cellar.

How does Bishop Dr. Georg Bätzing, President of the Bishops' Conference, react to this crisis of faith and the Church?

Despite all opposition from the Vatican, the universal Church, and the faithful in Germany, he continues on the heretical and schismatic "synodal path"!

It is absolutely clear: Bishop Georg Bätzing's march into the abyss must finally be stopped before it is too late.

We therefore ask you to participate in this action: Only a great faith movement can save the Catholic faith in Germany from the Synodal Way and its activists and ideologues.

Do you think that reforms that contradict the faith and the Magisterium, such as those proposed by the Synodal Way, are capable of saving the Catholic Church from decline? 
Do you think that "queer services", "Taylor Swift services" or Corpus Christi services (as at the Katholikentag) are able to get people excited about the Catholic faith again? 
Do you believe that left-wing Catholic bishops such as Georg Bätzing, Franz-Josef Overbeck or Helmut Dieser exercise their episcopal office in fidelity to the faith and the Magisterium? 
Do you think that reforms that do NOT place Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the sacraments and prayer at the center can be crowned with success? 
Do you think that the introduction of the so-called "gender ideology" or radical feminism into the Church, as the Synodal Way seeks to do, will make the Church attractive again? 

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