No to the German Synodal Committee - Protest in Mainz, June 15, 2024

Volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe, Maria 1.0 and representatives of the faithful from all over Germany were protesting on March 4, 2023 in Frankfurt for the last session of the highly controversial "German Synod Path".

No to the German Synodal Committee - Protest in Mainz, June 15, 2024


On June 14/15, 2024, the Synodal Committee, which was constituted on November 10/11, 2023 in Essen, will meet for the second time.

The Synodal Committee is an attempt by the German hierarchy to institute an alternative form of government, with lay participation - which goes against the Divine Constitution of the Church - as a way of following up on the schismatic reform proposals of the highly controversial "German Synodal Way".

“Such an organ is not provided for by the applicable canon law and therefore a decision by the DBK in this respect would be invalid – with the corresponding legal consequences,”
wrote Cardinals Víctor Manuel Fernández, Robert Francis Prevost and Pietro Parolin on Feb. 17, 2024.

“The approval of the statutes of the Synodal Committee would therefore be contrary to the instruction of the Holy See, which was given on a special mandate by the Holy Father, and would once again present him with a fait accompli,”
the cardinals warned.

Despite this and all the opposition received even in Germany, the German bishops - especially the president of the Bishops' Conference, Bishop Georg Bätzing - have resolved to continue at any cost.

Our volunteers were protesting at the first meeting in Essen on November 10, 2023 and will be again this coming Saturday.

We've already been to several German dioceses and thousands of parishes warning the faithful and the support we've found only proves how isolated - and desperate - Luther's likely successors are.

If you live in the Mainz region, join us!

If you don't live in the region but would like to express your opposition, click here

Stadtpark, 55131 Mainz - Opposite the Favorite ParkhotelSaturday, 15.06.2024 - 10:00 to 14:00 hrs.

Below you can find our latest publications against the German Synodal Way and its influences on the Synod of Synodality:

German Synodal Way:

[ENGLISH] Statement of Protest to Bishop Helmut Dieser - Blessing celebrations of alternative partnerships contradict Catholic morals, doctrine and unity - [PDF]

[GERMAN] Protestnote an Bischof Helmut Dieser - Segensfeiern alternativer Partnerschaften widersprechen katholischer Moral, Lehre und Einheit - [WEB / PDF]

[GERMAN] Protestnote an Bischof Dr. Georg Bätzing, Bischof von Limburg und Vorsitzender der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz - Bischof Bätzing bricht mit katholischer Moral und gründet eigene Nationalkirche: Als Katholiken sind wir aufgerufen, Widerstand zu leisten - [PDF]

[ENGLISH] - Statement of Protest to Bishop Dr. Georg Bätzing, Bishop of Limburg and President of the German Bishops’ Conference - Bishop Bätzing breaks with Catholic morals and establishes his own national church: As Catholics, we are called to resist - [PDF]

World Synod on Synodality:

[BOOK] The Synodal Process Is A Pandora’s Box: 100 Questions & Answers Click here and download the free PDF in 7 languages or, If you prefer a physical copy: English / German / Dutch / Italian

[DUTCH] Hoe kunnen we standhouden in het katholieke geloof te midden van de stormen van 2023/2024 - Ter gelegenheid van de bisschoppensynode, een oproep aan de stille kerk - [WEB]

[ENGLISH] Holding Fast to the Catholic Faith Amid the Synodal Storms of 2023-2024 - On the occasion of The Synod of Bishops, an Appeal to the Silent Church - [WEB]

[GERMAN] Wie man im katholischen Glauben - inmitten der Stürme von 2023/2024 standhaft bleibt - Anlässlich Der Bischofssynode, ein Aufruf an die Schweigende Kirche - [WEB / PDF]

[FRENCH] Tenir bon dans la foi catholique - au milieu des tempêtes synodales de 2023-2024 - À l'occasion du Synode des Évêques, un appel à l'église du silence - [WEB / PDF]

[PORTUGUESE - PT] Como perserverar na Fé Católica - em meio às tormentas de 2023 – 2024 - Por ocasião do Sínodo dos bispos, um apelo à "Igreja do silêncio" - [WEB / PDF]

[PORTUGUESE - BR] Como perserverar na Fé Católica - em meio às tormentas de 2023 – 2024 - Por ocasião do Sínodo dos bispos, um apelo à "Igreja do silêncio" - [PDF]

[SPANISH] Cómo perseverar en la fe católica en medio de las tormentas de 2023 – 2024 - En ocasión del Sínodo de los Obispos, un llamamiento a la "Iglesia del silencio" - [PDF]

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