The Netherlands - Disinformation and Gender Ideology at Work: VVD wants to ban the Dutch TFP

Bente Becker (VVD) wants to ban criticism of the Week van de Lentekriebels. Source image: livestream Lower House.

The Netherlands - Disinformation and Gender Ideology at Work: VVD wants to ban the Dutch TFP

The VVD has raised parliamentary questions about the banning of Civitas Christiana. The reason is this foundation's successful campaign against teaching children sexual sin. What drives the once liberal party to call down state coercion on gender-critical citizens?

'Week van de Lentekriebels'

The bone of contention for the VVD is the campaign launched by the Civitas Christiana foundation, through Gezin in Gevaar and TFP Student Action Europe, against the 'Week van de Lentekriebels'. That campaign consists of critical articles about the content of the books on the sexual education curriculum reading list. Because of the articles, Rutgers has removed several books from the list.

Letter to School Headmasters

A petition addressed to education minister Mariëlle Paul is also underway. Gezin in Gevaar has also sent a letter with an informative flyer, to make school headmasters aware of the objectionable 'education'. Headmasters are being offered help to keep the so-called 'Spring fever' out of their schools.

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We do not use Harassment

For the record: Civitas Christiana did not block highways, climb on police vans, deface paintings or disrupt an opening of the Holocaust Museum - a small sample of the means of action deployed by the Left in recent weeks, sometimes under the watchful eye of a passive police and politics. In our 10-year existence in the Netherlands, we have never been under suspicion of (let alone convicted of) any criminal offence.

Circumstantial Plea for a Ban

Yet VVD MPs Bente Becker and Daan de Kort are pushing for a ban on Civitas Christiana. Understatedly, of course: "Are you prepared to examine a ban in the Netherlands as well? If there are currently insufficient grounds will Civitas Christiana and similar organisations be investigated? If not, are you still willing to do so?"

French Civitas has nothing to do with Civitas Christiana

The VVD members want the Dutch government to follow the example of France in this regard, where "the French government has reportedly now banned the organisation Civitas Christiana". This is incorrect. The organisation banned in France has no connection with Civitas Christiana. We do not know the organisation and have never had any contact with it.

The AD Newspaper removed Falsehood

The untruth that the French organisation Civitas is an affiliate of Civitas Christiana was put out by the Algemeen Dagblad. "In France, Civitas Christiana was disbanded last summer," the newspaper wrote in an interview with campaign leader Hugo Bos on 24 February 2024. The AD has since removed the falsehood from the online article. Civitas Christiana is additionally going to file a request for formal rectification.

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'Civitas' is Common Name

Lax journalists easily make assumptions. "Civitas" is Latin for "civic community" and is a common name for organisations in many parts of Europe. There is even an identically named organisation in Poland. Except that Poland's "Civitas Christiana" was founded during the Cold War by the communist government to undermine the Catholic Church and Christian civilisation. They propagate exactly the opposite of what we stand for. So we have nothing to do with this club either.

So what About it?

Civitas Christiana is a Dutch foundation supported entirely by Dutch donors. We are internationally affiliated to the Tradition, Family and Private Property movement. This is a family of organisations that are each independent and stand up for Christian civilisation in their own countries. There is no head office or franchise model.

Gender Ideology takes Root in VVD

Now, of course, the VVD is not eager to ban Civitas Christiana because the party blindly trusts the judgement of the French government. The banning urge stems from gender ideology, which has taken deep root in the party.

Paedophilia Lobby within VVD

The VVD has always had a sexual-revolutionary undercurrent. This reared its head with Ed Nijpels. In 1978, the VVD man campaigned for the legalisation of paedophilia. For those who want to cite 'the spirit of freedom' as an excuse here: resistance leader Johan van Hulst, professor of pedagogy in addition to CDA senator, immediately expressed his consternation.

Once for Freedom, now for Gender Coercion

Yet VVD has long been the party of civil liberty and private property. Prior to that stood Hans Wiegel, Frits Bolkestein and, initially, Mark Rutte. But the 2010 election win changed everything. The party was fully absorbed into a highly lucrative and power web of left-wing lobbyism, which includes Rutgers, COC, Milieudefensie, de Postcode Loterij but also the upper civil service. Effortlessly, activists like Pascalle Grotenhuis switch between ministries and NGOs, with one constant: vocal support for left-wing projects like climate and gender.

You do not know What is good for You

In the leftist lobby web, important decisions are made about the future of the Netherlands. About climate goals, development aid, abortion and corona. Dutch citizens have no say in these. After all, they have been considered too right-wing in referendums. Citizens do not know at all what is good for them, D66 chief Lousewies van der Laan recently stressed, and must be forced in the right direction.

You don't know What is good for Your Child either

Parents do not know what is good for their child either, we hear from this lobbying web. Grant club Rutgers but also party D66 insists that home is "often not a safe environment" for children and that parents are incompetent to educate their child. Apparently, teachers can do this for 30 children. Or rather the lobby web itself, as the teacher is just a channel to get sexual content into children's heads.

VVD succumbs to Sexual Revolution

In 14 years of government, the VVD has never broken open this lobby web or used it for its own ideological purposes. Indeed, the VVD has capitulated to the Sexual Revolution, which Rutgers - on behalf of the World Health Organisation (WHO) - is pushing through in Dutch schools. It is now up to PVV, as the new largest party, to resist the leftist lobby.

We give Parents a Voice

Civitas Christiana is a danger to the leftist lobby web. We stand up for parents, who so far have no voice in their child's education. We show that 'knowledge centre' Rutgers is an emperor without clothes. We break the obviousness of undemocratic interest groups that, funded by foreign billionaires like Bill Gates, determine our children's curriculum.

"Intimidating Effect"

The fear is visible in many parliamentary questions by VVD MPs Becker and De Kort. Our influence on the school curriculum is "undesirable". Our content is "contrary to the citizenship mission". Our letter to school headmasters may have an "intimidating effect" on schools. It culminates, along with disinformation about the French ban on Civitas Christiana, in a barely veiled plea for a ban on our organisation.

Vereniging MARTIJN

Banning an organisation is a very heavy tool in the Netherlands. It is used exceptionally, as in the case of the paedophile Association MARTIJN. Which was found to possess a mountain of child pornography. Just as Rutgers probably does, by keeping the archive of paedophile senator Edward Brongersma (a notorious child pornographer). If one organisation should be banned, certainly Rutgers.

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