Campaign against teaching Children Sexual Sin

The stance which Rutgers wishes to make universal is succinctly summarised by one of the organisation’s own claims: children are sexual creatures.

Campaign against teaching Children Sexual Sin

Piercing through the biting late-winter air, TFP Student Action Europe arrived with the sun in Utrecht early in the morning of 8th March with a troop of young Catholic activists eager to bring to a culmination their two-month-running campaign against the ‘Week van de Lentekriebels’: a week dedicated to the sexual indoctrination of prepubescent children through schools.

Promoting to live sinfully

Championed by Rutgers, an international NGO given a competitive edge by the magnitude of its state subsidies, the week is employed to bring about the self-liberation of eight-year-old children. From the website of Rutgers we read thus: “By [solitary sin] you find out what you do and don’t enjoy. That is very useful to know…”. To aid children in bridging the gap between theory and practice, Rutgers provides the tender innocent – or unliberated – with booklets containing detailed instructions on techniques how to do it and even on the usage of various auxiliaries “from imitation genitalia to vibrating objects”. Hidden from their parents’ eyes, target children are finally coaxed to practise it collectively: “Sometimes boys [do it] in groups… there is nothing wrong with this if only those boys participate who want to”.

The scope of Rutgers’ attack is broad: all means are employed to eradicate from the minds of the innocent any understanding of the realities of male and female, father and mother, and sexual normalcy and perversion. Educated by Rutgers, children will by the onset of puberty come to know that boundless lust practised between one man and another (homosexual), an adolescent male forming himself in all things to the model of a woman (transgender), and a child raised without a mother and with two or more homosexual “fathers” is as desirable as – if not more desirable than – the image of an indissoluble and chaste mother and father giving their lives to ensuring that their children become the person who God created them to be.

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Unfurling their crimson banner under and with lips braced against bagpipes, the defenders of childrens’ purity stood in formation opposite the façade of the Rutgers headquarters. Their goal was singular and uncompromising: the complete eradication of Lentekriebels. The defence of innocence was put into action as campaign leader Mr. Bos projected towards the anonymous and uninterrupted sheet of glass office windows the voice of conscience. As a number of activists here began to distribute relevant information to a public likely unaware of the factory of depravity at their side, TFP’s words of the reprobation began to be heard from afar:

Rutgers, stop immediately with your sexual indoctrination of school children during the week of Lentekriebels.

The sexual education of children is the duty of their parents.You have no right to force your perverted, hedonistic, sexual agenda upon children.

Gezin in Gevaar says no to directing children towards “self-liberation”; to the normalisation of homosexuality; to the showing of sexual imagery to children; to the confusion of children with transgenderism; to the slow march of paedophilia!

We will not rest until the Week van de Lentekriebels shall cease to exist; until the innocence of children is protected; until parents can send their children to school with peace of mind; until the Christian moral teaching is reestablished!

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From the side of the office windows hidden from the view of the street swiftly emerged a number of faces, curious or concerned, pushed up close against glass. These faces, looking down at the golden lion emblazoned upon the high-rising banner raised by TFP, were soon followed by feet being drawn through the front entrance of the office complex. One such carried to the defence of the cause of the irreversible warping of the minds of prepubescent children was a homosexual activist and editor at Rutgers. He was wrathful and highly concerned: concerned that TFP were notably stirring up public opinion and causing significant disturbance to the Rutgers cause. So that Rutgers may proceed with desired ease, so held the editor, TFP’s activity must be terminated - immediately.

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A Catholic position lets people see the bigger problem and focuses their fear on a concrete danger: sin.

Finger on the Pulse of Public Opinion

While employees of interested unaffiliated parties, operating within the same office complex as Rutgers, interrupted their working hours to sate their colleagues with information drawn from the mouths and hands of the Christian activists, the members of the TFP tasked with guiding the public exchanged truth for Rutgers-directest shock and disgust. One automobilist could not believe that content extracted directly from Rutgers products was not a fabrication: “This cannot be real!”
A second man was, however, less than pleased to receive a TFP manifesto. The man - quick to inform us that he was a practising homosexual - took to voicing his disgust towards and disapproval of chaste-mindedness amongst elementary school children through a brief debate on the importance and relevance of feelings. He would attempt to bolster his arguments by reliance on an appeal to sheer number: his neighbour, caught leaving her house, was engaged by the homosexual so as to share her opinion - which he presumed to be his own - with the TFP activist. Having told her in consternation that the men youths under the crimson banner were against “LGBT values”, he was disappointed to hear that his neighbour was also! Being briefly informed of the objectives of Civitas Christiana, she added firmly that sexual education is a responsibility belonging naturally to the parent; that it is not a matter to be delegated to a state-subsidised international NGO with a history of defending and lobbying for paedophilia.

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The street campaign expresses our ideals and the offensive against the decadence.

Activism works

Many locals, passers-by and residents both, rejoiced seeing the protest of the TFP. There is ongoing a national uprising of the Dutch against the secular and liberal education forced upon children by the likes of Rutgers. Our petition has been signed more than 35 thousand times already! The goal? To stop the flow of state subsidies to these noxious organisations with a reputation more repugnant than the smell of a sewer.

But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh. (Matthew 18:6-7)

The rally cry of the young, hopeful and powerful movement of counter-revolutionaries made the rounds once more to appeal to the agents behind the goals of sex education in their conscience:

In the name of the children, fashioned after the image of God.

In their name of their parents, to whom they have been given by God.

In the name of the growing numbers of the supporters of Gezin in Gevaar.

In the name of all Dutch of good will who wish to stand against the use of their own tax money for the sexual indoctrination of children.

We are the majority.

We will not be silent.

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