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The publisher of the flyer you received is Stichting Civitas Christiana

After the US now in Europe

Pray and act to stop the sin of abortion!

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“Thou shalt not kill.” So reads one of God’s ten commandments. Binding and clear. You must not end the life of an innocent person. That’s what we all stand for, don’t we?

The reality is different.

With the approval of legislators and the collaboration of the medical establishment, a genocide is taking place every day. The genocide of abortion.

With sharp forceps, the abortionist cracks the baby’s skull. Piece by piece, he removes the bone from the uterus.

It is an operation that turns your stomach.

That is why the abortion lobby likes to speak in veiled language. Abortion is the ‘termination of pregnancy’. It is absurd language - as if you describe a husband murdering his wife as ‘termination of marriage’.

Abortion kills children. That is the horrible reality. But a reality that can be overcome

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Look at the United States. There, the Supreme Court has overturned the Roe vs. Wade verdict. Abortion is no longer a ‘constitutional right’. An important step towards the
effective protection of unborn children.

When will Europe follow? Today rather than tomorrow. Because even today more than 2,000 children are killed on our continent. A crime against humanity. And a slap in the face of our loving God, Creator of all life!

The publisher of the flyer you received is Stichting Civitas Christiana

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Stop Macron. Don't make abortion a European fundamental right!

Dear Mrs Metsola,

President Macron wants the European Union to include abortion in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

This is unthinkable. Abortion can never be an authentic 'right'. It is a crime against the child and against God.

I call on you to remain true to your pro-life convictions. And, as President of the European Parliament, do everything you can to guarantee the sanctity of unborn life in the European Union


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