The Efficacy of Public Action

Many students never encounter resistance to their ideology.

The Efficacy of Public Action

Last week, volunteers of TFP Student Action Europe brought it to Utrecht, another university city known to be a cesspool for left wing recruiters and professional revolutionary agitators. The main entrance of Utrecht University became the venue for heated debates, shocked students and a display of the weaknesses of pro-abortion arguments.

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Father and son visit the University of Utrecht to consider whether he wants to study there.

At the moment the young pro-lifers put on the red cape, a father looked up to see what was about to unfold there. "We are doing a student action against the sin of abortion and for moral renewal in the Netherlands and Europe!" Clearly the man had not anticipated this, as his reaction showed: "A action? A student action AGAINST abortion? This is my son, we are going to share this flyer!" The father and son showed their approval of our principled stance against abortion, which must be taught particularly during a young men's formative years. The student shared that the university didn't "preach" these values.

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Students under pressure often struggle to explain their beliefs.

"It is not considered an independent Life"

After a certain time, a wave of students left the main building, creating a wave of people who have never been confronted with this moral issue before. The first young man to leave and stay outside the gate wanted a leaflet and had something to say. After explaining that 'killing the baby over and over again can't be a solution to the problems of the woman, that the child is innocent', the student was quick to claim that 'the child is not a child, it's a foetus'. Not to be deterred, the TFP member said: "No, the baby is in the womb and is a human being like any other human being. In potentiality it will have a full life until natural death. And that's every human life in a nutshell. This stage of life is essential to human life. That being inside the womb had all the potentialities before it comes out [of the womb], so why would you prevent it from going out, or worse, end its life inside?" He responded: "But it does not have a life, it is heavily dependent!" At last it was pointed out, "Of course he needs his mother, but he is another person, just like us. He will grow up to be like us, let's say a human being, we were like that too".

The man was obviously uncomfortable and changed his question, "But do you think abortion is bad in any case?" "Oh yes, I think in principal abortion should be refuted in it's entirety. This doesn't mean that we merely want to torment the woman. We also genuinely want to help the woman, but you have to look at the root cause why a woman has an abortion, because she's pregnant, right? And how do you get pregnant? We all know the answer to that question.

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A confused student was clearly moved by the pro-life flyer.

"Against?! Huh!"

It didn't take more than 30 minutes for people from the university blocks, including teachers, to express their views on the anti-abortion protest that was occurring. Apparently a young woman had not been warned of what she was in store for, because when she took off her earplugs when offered a pamphlet, she screamed and shouted "Against?! Huh!" At which many a fellow student burst out laughing.

All TFP Student Action Europe volunteers testify that the most rash, wild and brutal opposition to our pro-life position comes from woman who have had one or more abortions; we are often met by those who publicly shout their death wish for their and other unborn children!

One might say that we should not provoke the angry woman by reminding her of what she has committed. But could we not say that pointing out this grave offence against God and her child might be an invitation for her to ask God's forgiveness for her sins?

Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, 10 Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

"That would be a strong emotional Argument"

Two men left the University of Utrecht, built during the revolutionary struggle that saw Calvinists fight against the modern philosophy of René Descartes. They men both looked at each other and burst into laughter when they saw the TFP members and volunteers handing out literature against an issues they believe is protected by being called a "human right".

However, when they joked with one of the pro-lifers, they found themselves on the defensive because of the 'excess of logic' he used against them. After lighting a cigarette, one of them engaged in a debate that would last more than 20 minutes on campus!

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The education level is apparently declining.

"Would it matter if a woman used exactly the same arguments?" The student replied after looking around nervously and puffing on his cigarette: "That would be a powerful emotional argument!" Apparently the student was more concerned with the person making the argument than the argument itself. "Next year's March for Life consists of a large proportion of women, why don't you attend to hear their opinions [with strong emotional arguments]? The men started to stare into the air for more than a minute (!) until three young women walked past the campaign and shouted "Let these babies die! At that moment he had no further interest in any kind of debate.

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There are always a few who have the courage to resist leftism.

The Efficacy of public Action

Day after day, we are amazed at the range of absurdities that modern man takes for granted. But beneath the surface of revolutionary dominance, heads are increasingly popping out of the sand. "I'm not the only one", "Sure, they're the crazy ones" and "Finally, someone who thinks like me" are often the first impressions of the street campaigns we organise across Europe.

Are you also repulsed by all these attacks on scientific, social, moral and therefore religious issues? Join us and broaden your horizons in order to no longer see the wood for the trees, but through the love of Order to see what causes disorder.

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