Why do so many hate the March for Life?

ANTIFA groups and feminist collectives furiously protest against the March for Life in Cologne, Germany, in 2023

Why do so many hate the March for Life?

Thousands upon thousands of people gather each year for the March for Life to remember the tragedy of millions of innocent unborn lives lost around the world.

But much more than mere remembrance or mourning, a defining characteristic is the will to fight, not only for those who have never seen the dawn, but especially for our Creator who is daily insulted by this heinous mortal sin that "cries out to heaven for vengeance".

Although it is still a minority in some countries, the pro-life movement finds its essence, its dynamism and its purpose in the defence of God's moral law and its homeland, which urgently needs heroes, unlike the pro-abortion movement, also a minority, which seeks its inspiration in the lowest instincts of the sexual revolution.

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March for Life in The Hague, Netherlands 2022

Pro-life is a forward movement

First, one of its most important characteristics: The determination to articulate in order to move forward. Pro-abortion forces can deal with an unfocused and fragmented movement. Exactly the opposite of what they have found in an increasing number of countries around the world. The very word "march" carries with it the idea of a united force focused on a specific goal.

Over the millennia, militaries have developed marches to help troops get where they need to go. The use of coordinated action and rhythm creates dynamism and momentum. The individual overcomes weakness and draws strength from collective action. The soldier knows he is part of something greater than himself.

Over the decades, Marches for Life around the world have served the purpose of unifying the movement and making everyone involved feel part of a great momentum in the struggle for Christian culture. Each pro-lifer sees his or her part in the larger struggle more clearly and is encouraged for another year of struggle.

The March is a Noble and Religious Cause

People hate the March for Life because it associates the movement with a noble cause. Throughout history, marches have often represented movements with noble goals. This national event unites everyone who cares about life with the highest purpose.

More than the lives of unborn babies, people come together to defend underlying moral principles and, most importantly, God's cause. The march is usually filled with religious symbols, prayers, and petitions. The crowds that march and fight in their respective fields are people who grieve for the sins of the nation. Their participation is a prayer to the Most High, imploring His intervention.

In this way, the participants in the event feel the divine grace and presence that encourages them to continue despite all the setbacks. There is no other way to explain the persistence and tenacity of the pro-life movement than through this divine action.

The left also feels and fears this action, which is so well manifested in the beautifully orchestrated Marches for Life.

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March for Life in Brussels, Belgium 2022

Moderate voices, however, say that such annual events attract too much attention, work "ava-right" and cause unnecessary divisions within the country's politics. Others on the left who call themselves Catholics have never liked the march and are happy to ignore it to focus on issues of "social justice" or the "ecological crisis," which they consider more important. Feminists would like to see the pro-life crowds of women of all ages disappear. They all dislike the March for Life.

Some could tolerate a positive mention of "life. But what they hate most is the word "march" and they hate that there is still a vestige of that noble, religious, charitable spirit that once pervaded Christianity.

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TFP Student Action Europe heads to the campaign in Ghent, Belgium.

Be part of this Crusade for Moral Values!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke was right. Too many good men are silent. But the only way to face the current crisis and return to the Christian roots of our Culture is for good men to speak up and start doing something.

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