Successful TFP Tour Takes Abortion Radicals by Surprise in Europe

Successful TFP Tour Takes Abortion Radicals by Surprise in Europe

Starting on August 15, 2022, more than twenty volunteers with TFP Student Action Europe packed into four vans and hit the road to defend the unborn. Taking advantage of the ripples that the overturning of Roe v Wade caused worldwide, the TFP swept through cities in Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

Their message was clear: “Pray and act to end the sin of abortion.”

In the Capital of Charlemagne

The opening campaign was in Aachen, Germany, near the historic Cathedral where the remains of Emperor Charlemagne are honored. Unfurling the TFP standard in front of the Rathaus, the old town hall, attracted a group of pro-abortion hecklers. But their antics backfired because passersby were so offended by their vulgar displays that many approached to receive TFP leaflets and support the effort.

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Proclaiming the Truth

The caravan then traveled to The Netherlands for campaigns in Amsterdam, Breda, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Heemstede, Maastricht, and Nijmegen.

Reactions were consistent: vocal support vs. vulgar opposition. In Nijmegen, TFP volunteer Allysson Vasconcelos debated with three men. Thank God, one was persuaded to change his pro-abortion stance and said, “You know what? You’re right!” He then joined the debate against abortion, to the surprise of the pro-abortion advocates who never expected the turnaround.

Later that day, a pro-abortion woman squirted ketchup on the TFP banner. As she defaced the pro-life banner, TFP volunteers chanted: “Where’s your tolerance?” Not expecting the chorus, she looked embarrassed in front of dozens of spectators and pleaded: “No, please! What are you doing? Stop!”

Police officers escorted the vandal away.

Challenging Abortion in Amsterdam

The campaign in Amsterdam was a highlight. The city square bustled with people, a perfect setting for the public recitation of the rosary. Leftists assembled to retaliate against the prayer because they couldn’t stomach the public proclamation of Faith. When the Apostle’s Creed finished, a man dashed out of the crowd and ripped the TFP banner down. He shouted, cursed, and threatened.

The pro-abortion bully grabbed the TFP camera, threw it to the ground, and broke it. Finally, the police escorted him away.

Meanwhile, about a hundred abortion supporters gathered. They blasphemed and cursed. Yet as they grew more vicious, many pro-lifers who had been silent until then decided to show their support. “I work for the pro-life movement in America,” said one pedestrian. “It’s a Christian duty to speak out for God’s law.”

“Where are the women?” shouted a feminist. With perfect timing, a pro-life woman stepped in and dismantled her arguments so well that the pro-abortionist accepted defeat and retreated into the crowd.

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If you are pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-God, join our team of followers and activists in the good fight for moral values, contact us and find out more!

Off to Belgium

The final campaign of the tour was in Ghent, Belgium. In such a leftist city, opposition was expected. Sure enough, a group of abortion activists arrived draped in rainbow flags, spewing vulgar insults.

Disgusted with their foul language, a pedestrian challenged them: “What are you doing? They [TFP] have the right to free speech.”

The word spread quickly: TFP is in town. And when TFP volunteers returned to the street after their lunch break, a much larger a mob of rainbow flag-waving activists greeted them with a loud “boo.” Undaunted, TFP members calmly prayed the rosary for the unborn. At the same time, the mob sought to drown out the peaceful proclamation of Faith with profanity.

In response to the Holy Rosary, anti-family advocates yelled the f-word repeatedly. This shocked many people who were strolling in the plaza. It also prompted many to applaud the TFP’s bold pro-life stand. Neutrality was now impossible. You had to pick a side. Either the side of truth or the side of vulgarity. Either the side of prayer or the side of blasphemy. The side of virtue or the side of sin.

An older pro-abortion couple was so shocked by their side’s vulgarity that they eventually turned to the TFP side with admiration. “I don’t agree with you, but I respect you and the way you carry yourselves,” said one.

The pro-abortion mob hurled eggs and moved in to attack TFP volunteers. That’s when the police intervened with aggressive dogs and nightsticks to keep the pro-LGBT activists away.

Society has fallen so low that the simple act of defending the right to life in some cities requires police protection with attack dogs and Billy clubs.

Join the Crusade for the Family

The caravan generated renewed interest among those who feel isolated and discouraged by the moral crisis undermining society. Students from other parts of Europe are now inviting the TFP to visit their cities and hold rallies on their college campuses.

The pro-life crusade will not stop. Relying on God’s grace and the most powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, TFP Student Action will continue the crusade for the family with more enthusiasm, courage, and devotion. With great confidence, those fighting in this spiritual crusade for moral values will never retreat but march forward under the standard of Tradition, Family, and Property.

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.

-- St. Teresa of Avila

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