Payment service Mollie cancels Civitas Christiana due to Campaign against ‘Spring Fever’

Do you think differently about gender and sexuality than the politically-correct left? Then Mollie wants to silence you.

Payment service Mollie cancels Civitas Christiana due to Campaign against ‘Spring Fever’

Payment service Mollie is discontinuing its service to Civitas Christiana, the foundation behind campaigns such as TFP Student Action Europe and Gezin in Gevaar (Family in Danger) Mollie reports this in an email during Spring Fever Week.

Mollie puts Us aside

Our organisation has a ‘negative reputation’. Our activities may pose an ‘unacceptable risk’ to Mollie. So claims the payment service in an email to Civitas Christiana.

Amid Spring Fever Week

The email was sent on Friday afternoon, 8 March 2024, during Spring Fever Week. That morning, campaign manager Hugo Bos was conducting a street campaign with volunteers opposite the Rutgers office, to peacefully protest against the Spring Fever Week's sexual indoctrination of children.

Our Spring Criticism reaches Formation Table

These actions are enjoying unprecedented success. Even the formation table is discussing Spring Fever, NOS news outlet reports. The ‘obviousness’ of indoctrination week is over for good. Parents are awake and no longer pick up the Rutgers propaganda.

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VVD calls for Ban

Back to 8 March. That afternoon, VVD MPs Bente Becker and Daan de Kort asked whether the outgoing cabinet could ban Civitas Christiana, prompting our Spring Fever actions. On top of that came the e-mail that ‘Mollie is proceeding to close your account’.

Quite a Coincidence

A fortuitous coincidence? Or an overzealous application of strict financial legislation? We leave it to the reader's judgement. All we can say is that we have been Mollie customers for eight years without any problem. Never have we been under suspicion of fraud, money laundering or terrorism.

Fraud law is used to muzzle Dissenters

Not that payment services need such suspicion to cancel you. They ‘sometimes use legislation against money laundering and terrorist financing as an excuse to say goodbye to certain customers, when that is not what the law is for,’ legal expert Gijs Bronzwaer tells NRC newspaper.

Mollie also refused Blckbx

Increasingly, tech companies are going on an ideological crusade. During the corona crisis, several alternatives media were sidelined by Mollie. After protests from the likes of Blckbx, the refusal was reversed.

Forced to switch

Civitas Christiana has engaged a lawyer to challenge the Mollie cancellation. However, the company is adamant. As of 8 June, our account will be closed. We are now working hard with a team of programmers and web developers to switch to another payment service.

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