Fine for Polish Hospitals refusing Abortion

Prime Minister Donald Tusk urges abortion in Poland. Image source: Flickr / European Parliament.

Fine for Polish Hospitals refusing Abortion


The right to life is under pressure in Poland. The government hands out fines to hospitals that refuse to kill unborn children.

Donald Tusk

The pro-abortion measure comes from the mind of Donald Tusk, who has been Poland's prime minister for six months. Tusk is a left-liberal and wants to rid his country of Catholicism and its resulting family values as soon as possible. The right to life of unborn children must also give way.

Fine of 127,000 Euros

The Pabianice Medical Centre stands precisely for the right to life. This hospital will now be fined the equivalent of 127,000 euros. The reason is its refusal to kill an unborn child in the 14th week of pregnancy.

Doctors obliged to abort

If hospitals succumb to the state coercion, doctors will be conscience-stricken. They will then be forced to cooperate with abortion on pain of losing their medical licence. That is exactly what the European Union wants. Which has been pressuring Poland for years to further legalise abortion.

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President may veto

Prime Minister Tusk's abortion push is currently being held back by President Andrzej Duda, who is known as a conservative pro-lifer. He is expected to veto pro-abortion measures.

Will Poland elect a Pro-Life President?

Next year, Poles will go to the polls to elect a new president. That will make a lot of difference to the unborn child. Let us pray that the Polish people listen to their conscience and elect a pro-life candidate.

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