On the Street against Abortion: "Yes, abortion is Murder in some Ways"

The best way to defend the morale is through direct contact with the public.

On the Street against Abortion: "Yes, abortion is Murder in some Ways"

Universities should train young people to be critical thinkers. In practice, they often get secular-liberalism, which considers abortion a 'right'. That is why volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe are conducting street campaigns. They are opening the eyes of students who have often never heard pro-life arguments before.

Even "Believers" in Favor of Abortion

Our volunteers got quite a bit of opposition from the students, but most of the arguments the abortion proponents had were unconvincing. There were even abortion advocates who were "quite religious" and recognised termination of pregnancy as "murder" but allowed it anyway.

A truly different Voice

TFP Student Action volunteers regularly travels to universities to debate, hand out pro-life pamphlets and show that there is actually a different sound from the quasi-alien consensus that abortion is a woman's right. From the recent victories in the United States, it is visible that the fight for the unborn child may take a long time, but it certainly bears fruit.

Security turned against Us

Just after commencement, a campus security guard tapped a volunteer's shoulder. "What is that flyer about?" the man asked, as a dynamic debate ensued between the pro-lifer and a group of students waiting for their lunch. We were doing a student campaign against the sin of abortion, was the reply, but the security guard did not like that: "From here to there you are not allowed to flyer, if you want to continue you go to the city centre." When we asked for a basis for this ban in laws or regulations, this was not answered.

Students expressed Support

It was a pleasant surprise to see a student cycling to his side job, taking a diversion to give pro-lifers a heart to heart. He has been supporting our actions for a long time and appreciates the time and effort that volunteers in particular put into fighting the moral crisis. As in at the University of Amsterdam, where the pro-life sound was also opposed, abortion is made unmentionable by the opinion climate among students.

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Even self-professed "believers" defend abortion and therefore murder.

"Yes, it's Murder"

When a young lady was addressed, she seemed interested in our message. After a brief exchange of words, she acknowledged herself, "Yes, it is in murder in some ways." This changed the tone of the conversation from then on, as it turned out that she is Christian and condoned this violation of the fourth commandment, provided the woman would not be forced to have an abortion.

"Mercy" applicable Everywhere

The young lady was mainly in favour of abortion because she believes in God's unlimited and universally applicable "mercy", even for acts that are intrinsically evil and offend Him. Is there any place left for justice? Can our society tolerate it, or even promote it like the large-scale abortion subsidies for developing countries? The student did recognise that we need to invest in preventing as many abortions as possible, but unfortunately, even as a self-proclaimed Christian, had no regard for God's laws and the authority of the Church.

"We are against Abortion anyway, right?"

That is how one of the students who was walking by with his circle of friends reacted. A long silence fell, until someone asked, "But then, do you think a raped woman, has to live with that child for life?!" As we handed out pamphlets that read, "Pray and fight to end the sin of abortion," the volunteer calmly replied, "Of course rape is a serious sin, a crime that should be punished. But is it fair to punish someone else for it? Can the victim of abuse take away another life afterwards because she has suffered at the hands of another?"

Interested in the Moral Aspect

They seemed interested in the moral issue, kept asking questions and discussing what might really be the solution. In the end, the students even decided to take a later bus to ask more questions.

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