8 Ways the EU is pushing Gender Ideology

The EU wants to make our continent a total gender state and sees God's creation design as an obstacle to the egalitarian utopia.

8 Ways the EU is pushing Gender Ideology


God's creation design is a stumbling block for the EU. In the issue paper ‘Gender Equality in and through Education’ (2022), the European Commission explains its plan to achieve total ‘gender equality’. It says the different choices men and women make are not based on the fact that they were created by God for different tasks, but is caused by a ‘stereotyping society’ that imposes gender roles. The EU wants to undo this through education. Here are eight ways it wants to achieve this:

1. Young Children should be indoctrinated despite ‘Resistance’ from Parents

The EU recognises that young children are very malleable. But ‘harmful gender patterns’ emerge from an early age. This is why Brussels wants to tackle ‘gender stereotyping’ as early as possible. Small children are not yet so ‘stuck’ in gender roles at that time and are thus more flexible than older children or teenagers. Nationwide initiatives by EU member states such as Spring Fever Week are encouraged. The European Commission does warn that ‘school initiatives aimed at promoting non-traditional [educational] paths may meet resistance from parents or society at large.’

2. More ‘Sex Education’ for Primary School Children to prevent ‘Violence against Women’

Under the guise of fighting ‘violence against women’, the EU wants more ‘sex education’ in primary schools. According to the EU, ‘sexual education is the best weapon against gender violence’. Opponents of Spring Fever or similar projects are thus by implication advocating ‘future violence against women’. Other projects, such as the ‘Gender ABC project’ also aim to ‘change children's views on gender stereotyping and norms...’. So, like communist regimes, the EU also believes that the sexual education of children is not the job of parents, but of the state - and thus of the EU itself.

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3. Teachers should be ‘trained’ to ‘confront implicit Biases’ in Children

But not only children need to be (re)educated about secular gender ideology. The European Commission also wants to ‘train’ teachers to ‘recognise their own explicit or implicit prejudices and how these affect behaviour in the classroom, as well as how to recognise and confront them in children.’ In other words, the EU wants teachers to start correcting your child if they are not ‘gender inclusive’ in their behaviour or words.

4. EU wants to force total Gender Equality in School Textbooks

The European Commission is firmly against ‘sexist stereotypes’ in school textbooks. Indeed, women are more often depicted in caring professions than men. This, they say, is one of the reasons why women choose that kind of profession. They therefore recommend that ‘at all stages of developing textbooks’ more gender-neutral ‘corrections’ be made. In doing so, they want to call on ‘the expertise of gender equality specialists’. They have even set up a special project for it the ‘Gender Awareness, Tackling stereotypes in Education (GATE)’ project. Soon in child's schoolbook: ‘Construction worker Linda and her houseman Mahmoud want to put solar panels on the synagogue they are affiliated with...’,

5. Career Gender Gap must be addressed

Men generally earn more money than women. This is due to a lot of factors. One is that men choose professions that pay better. It is often wrongly suggested that women are underpaid for the same work. However, closer inspection reveals that this so-called pay gap is a myth. Nevertheless, the EU wants to actively combat this ‘career gap’. It is ‘especially harmful for women’ because the sectors where women work are ‘often underpaid’. They therefore want to use large subsidised projects to persuade girls from an early age to choose ‘men's professions’ later on and vice versa.


That men and women choose different types of work is an eyesore for the EU. Source: Eurostat, 2018.

6. EU puts Pressure on ‘Gender non-conforming’ Countries

The European Commission calls for total ‘gender equality’ between ‘all genders’ among all EU member states, as included in the ‘Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025’. Here, various scores track how ‘equal’ ‘males and females’ are. Of course, they do not refer to ‘men and women’ as that would not be ‘inclusive’. This is meticulously tracked every year in the ‘Gender Equality Index’. From the types of professions women choose, to the number of hours they work and how ‘financially independent’ they are, the EU wants all differences between men and women and their complementary roles to disappear. Sweden currently leads the list. Conservative countries such as Poland and Hungary dangle a little further down, feeling the hot breath of Brussels on their necks.

7. Brussels considers Dutch Research Mesman as Best Practice

According to the EU, countries that have not yet ‘advanced’ in fighting God's creation design should learn from countries that are doing well in Brussels' eyes. One such country they see as a guide country is the Netherlands, which currently ranks third in the Gender Equality Index, just behind Denmark. Among other things, they cite the work of Judi Mesman who complains that the ‘representation of LGBT groups ... [was] completely absent’ in school textbooks for the bridge class. That the results of Mesman's research fit exactly in line with the Dutch liberal D66 party's line is of course pure ‘coincidence’, and has nothing to do with the fact that the party itself requested this research with predetermined outcomes.

8. EU does Nothing about the worrying Position of Boys in Education

Interestingly, the European Commission is open about the fact that in education, boys and men lag significantly behind women. Girls ‘significantly surpass [boys]’ when it comes to reading skills, for example. ‘There is a clear and worrying pattern of boys underperforming on key factors of educational success in all EU Member States.’ Nowhere, however, does the issue paper call for concrete action to turn this around. All talk of ‘gender equality’ is - as always - aimed at privileging girls and women at the expense of boys.

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A principled, not a personal position

This article aims to defend marriage, the family and morality according to Catholic teaching. In no way is it our intention to slander individuals. We simply exercise our freedom as children of God (Rom. 8:21), so that ‘every tongue would confess to the glory of God the Father, that Jesus Christ is Lord.’ (Phil. 2:11).

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