Pseudo-blessings for LGBTQ+ couples in Cologne: A decisive confrontation for the Church in Germany and the world

Pseudo-blessings for LGBTQ+ couples in Cologne: A decisive confrontation for the Church in Germany and the world


Looking at the photos and videos of the grotesque celebration of "pseudo blessings" for LGBT+ couples in Cologne yesterday, one sees an image very similar to that seen at the meetings of the German Synodal Path.

In the middle of the square in front of the train station, near the Cologne Cathedral, there was a crowd of about 300 to 400 people who were organizing a pseudo-church, a simulacrum of a church one could also speak of a sect.

They gathered around a simulated altar, surrounded by candles, flowers, and rainbow flags, for a series of songs, sermons, and dances, culminating in sacrilegious "blessings" for LGBT+ couples, in a clear act of revolt and schism against Rome and the Traditional Teaching of the Holy Church on marriage and the abomination of homosexual sin.


Invited by Fr. Wolfgang Rothe - priest of the Archdiocese of Munich and outspoken defender of homosexual sin - pro-LGBT groups from all over Germany gathered in Cologne yesterday, September 20, to hold a sacrilegious "blessing service for all couples in love".

In response, around a hundred Catholics from the region took turns at different times and places to oppose this outrageous attempt to deny the millennia-old teaching of the Holy Church.

First group of Catholics, gathered in reparation for the sacrilege

An Act of Revolt and the Establishment of a New Church - the Synodal Sect

Blessing ceremonies for alternative unions imply a sexual morality that is contrary to Catholic morality. Catholic morality condemns acts outside of sacramental marriage, especially when they are habitual. In addition, blessing ceremonies are contrary to the Catholic understanding of marriage. For this reason, performing blessing ceremonies is effectively tantamount to establishing a separate sexual morality or magisterium.

Against the revolt, a cry of fidelity: the response of local Catholics

On the fringes of this event in Cologne were the real, true Catholics. Over a hundred faithful mobilized and took turns in two main groups to pray, recite Marian hymns, and proclaim their faith in opposition to the blatant blasphemy committed by the "rainbow" priests and pastoral workers.

The first group, made up mostly of local prayer groups, gathered for a silent rosary and then went to the Cathedral for the Mass of Reparation, which had to be moved from a side chapel to the main altar because of the large turnout.

The second group - led by volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe - replaced the first and continued the public prayers of reparation in the square, positioning themselves between the Cathedral and the rainbow mob.

Already at the beginning of the prayers, during the recitation of the Apostolic Symbol, they were surrounded by agitators from radical left-wing groups who tried to prevent and harass the public act of faith. Without success.

After the bold reaction of the local Catholics and the intervention of the police, the agitators were silenced and forced to listen - at various times in silence - to the prayers and proclamations of faith of the small but determined group of faithful.

"Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father which is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven. St. Matthew 10, 32-33

These hundred or so believers were the real and decisive center of the action. After years of discussions and scandals about the German Synodal Path, we can see a radical split in Catholic circles, which was only shown in extreme form in yesterday's events.

This internal division was created especially by the heretical innovations and sectarian attitude of the leaders of the "new German way", which led to many Catholics being silenced and sidelined for not professing the new "orthodoxy".

However, yesterday's confrontation shows a new fact that is frightening the innovators: this silent majority is mobilizing and becoming increasingly active, which puts the innovators' plans at risk.

Alliance of the "Synodal Church", antifascists and left-wing extremists: a mere coincidence?

One fact that stood out was the use of Antifa and other left-wing extremist groups, as well as a whole range of "rainbow" groups that have nothing to do with being Catholic, to try to stifle and intimidate the spontaneous reaction of local Catholics.

Surprisingly, the Synod sect seems to be allying to keep true Catholics away. They could be seen singing and praying, but at a clear distance from the representatives of the synodal sect - the new clergy made up of transsexuals and women - in the middle of the station yard, so as not to disturb the pseudo-sanctification celebrations.

Meanwhile, the "agents of the Inquisition" of this new religion tried to attack and prevent faithful Catholics from reminding the rainbow gurus of the words of the great St. John the Baptist to Herod: Non licet tibi. You are not allowed!

A new church where everyone is welcome, except Catholics

Looking at the atmosphere that prevailed yesterday in the square in front of the Cologne train station, one wonders: Is there a way to resolve this imminent rupture? Is it possible to build a bridge between these different groups? Looking at the photos and videos of yesterday, one can't help but conclude that it is not possible. And why not? Because the Synod sect is determined to build its own church at any cost.

It is only a question of time when true believers will no longer be able to enter the churches and the door will be closed to them - just as the circles of the Synod leadership and so many organizations in the German church structure are today closed to those who truly profess the Catholic faith.

Who knows if it won't be the "soldiers of this new inquisitorial guard" of the Synodal sect (Antifa and others) who will take over the Churches and drive out the true faithful? The answer to this question lies in the hands of the still-silent majority of the faithful. Will we allow this to happen in Germany?

What's next?

What is our attitude here? We must continue! We have to sound the alarm! We must continue to denounce all the errors of the Synod sect and we must appear more and more in public!

We have to testify for the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church in Germany! We must not retreat into the private sphere, we must not hide, because then this Synodal sect will assert itself.

We therefore call upon all true Catholics to resist with all legal means at our disposal. Let's not allow ourselves to be carried away by discouragement and uncertainty in the face of the internal revolution we are now experiencing in the Church. The Church has been through other winds and storms and has emerged stronger. The Creed, the Ten Commandments, the entire Bible, and the perennial Magisterium of the Church confirm this position.

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The TFP Publishes an Essential Book on the Synod

the international Catholic lay movement Tradition, Family and Private Property has published the book The Synodal Process is a Pandora's Box , in which the looming danger of building a new Church, other than the Catholic Church as it has always existed, is being exposed..

After a three-year phase of preparation, the XVI General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will meet in Rome in October. The meeting aims to shape a new, “synodal” Church, meaning democratic and participatory. That Church should include everyone, particularly “marginalized minorities” such as LGBT people, unmarried couples, people living in polygamous marriages, etc. They want to discuss women’s ordination to the priesthood, or at least the diaconate. They seek to reconsider Church doctrine on homosexuality and marriage and tamper with the Church’s form of government by transforming it into an “inverted pyramid” whose top is beneath the base.

A worldwide TFP campaign will spread the book in Italian, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. These words from its Conclusion sum up the spirit animating its authors: “The synodal project analyzed here takes up old heresies repeatedly condemned by the magisterium, taking even further the work of self-destruction mentioned by Paul VI. Thus, love for the Church, the sacred hierarchy, and Christian civilization compel the TFPs and sister organizations to fulfil the imperative duty of denouncing the errors of this synodal reform.”

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