Pro-Life Smiles Cause Pro-Abortion Despair at Gettysburg College

Pro-Life Smiles Cause Pro-Abortion Despair at Gettysburg College

Why do pro-abortion advocates hate smiles? Because joy comes from truth and virtue, not from the lies of the Culture of Death. That is what volunteers of TFP Student Action discovered when they held a pro-life campaign at Gettysburg College.

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On October 25, 2022, fourteen members of TFP Student Action went to Gettysburg College on day two of their weeklong pro-life caravan dedicated to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

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“I am pro-murder!”

When the pro-life volunteers exited their van, a student cynically asked if they would be holding a campaign. “You better believe it,” said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie. “I will see you there,” responded the student.

As soon as the banner, “Pray and act against the sin of abortion,” was unfurled, debates started. Within a short period, TFP volunteers heard macabre comments from pro-abortion students, including these:

  • “You should all have been aborted!”
  • “I am pro-murder.”
  • “Go kill yourself!”
  • “I want to kill all babies!”
  • “I hate life!”

Many students, however, were encouraged by the TFP campaign.

“Thank you all for coming out here,” said one. “This is a huge encouragement. It is so hard to be pro-life on this campus.” Another asked: “Is this going to be on YouTube? I love watching your videos.”

Homosexuality and Abortion Connected

As the counter-protest grew, it took a perverted turn. Pro-homosexual students gathered across the street with vulgar signs promoting sins against nature that are too immoral to describe in detail. Around this pro-homosexual core gathered dozens of pro-abortion students.

Most of their chants were pro-homosexual with the occasional cliché, “my body, my choice.” Several engaged in lewd acts.

Why did these pro-abortion advocates use the sin against nature to justify abortion? Because both are sins against natural law. And both are vices that cry out to heaven for vengeance. Pro-abortion activists are consistent when they connect these two vices because they share the same root cause: revolt against God and the destruction of natural order within the family.

Pro-Aborts Spit, Shove, and Eat Flyers

Having no arguments, the frenzied mob refused to debate and instead used violence and vulgarity. One feminist physically shoved a TFP volunteer, while another threw water at him. A third student spat several times at the feet of the pro-life volunteers.

A pro-abortion man even ate the “10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn” flyer that TFP volunteers gave him to read.

The mob also used contraceptives as a means of moral aggression, and a man from the crowd threw contraceptive packages at TFP volunteers. Several made balloons out of these impure devices and pestered TFP members with them.

Hatred in Return for Smiles

Two of the TFP signs read, “Smile! You survived abortion!” This sign, plus the joyful demeanor of the TFP volunteers, caused seething hatred among the pro-abortion mob. “That [“smile”] sign is scary!” claimed one, and another added, “Smack your smiles off your faces!”

One student attacked TFP member Kenneth Murphy by grabbing him, tripping him, and stealing his “smile” sign. But as he ripped the sign from Mr. Murphy’s grasp, the attacker slipped and fell. As he tried to destroy the sign, Jon Fabrizio recovered it. Minutes later, the police arrived, located the attacker, and filed a report about the incident.

A similar aggression took at George Mason University the day before, posted here. On both occasions, the police officers responding to the incident explained that they were pleased with how TFP volunteers responded to their attackers with calm and poise.

Pro-life Joy Causes Pro-Death Despair

Although the pro-life caravanners had been spit at, shoved, splashed, insulted, and aggressed by other means, they ended the campaign today in high spirits. As they left the campus, each TFP volunteer discussed what had just occurred. As they drove past the campaign site, they spotted two pro-abortion women, who had been part of the mob, holding each other and crying tears of despair.

Why were they so grief-stricken after opposing the pro-lifers? And why were the TFP volunteers who had suffered abuse so joyful? Because those on God’s side have real joy knowing that they defend the truth. Yet those on the side of sin have no source of true happiness because the Devil – the father of lies – never gives what he promises but only remorse, despair, and emptiness.

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us!

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