Over 2,000 fliers against gender ideology distributed in the Saarland

Over 2,000 fliers against gender ideology distributed in the Saarland

On June 14th, the striking red standard of the TFP was unfurled on the streets of Saarbrücken, Germany. The city itself, once known as “the little Paris”, is of particular importance as it is the regional of the Saarland state, which is statistically one of the most Catholic parts of the country.

In front of the local train station, 18 volunteers of the TFP Student Action Europe distributed fliers against proposals to impose the teaching of gender theory in public institutions. On the front of the flier were 5 bullet points outlining the TFP's opposition to the measure, as well as a link to the German TFP's pro-family campaign, Aktion Kinder in Gefahr.

Typical to the style of the TFP, the campaign was commenced with three recitations of the “Hail Mary” and the distinctive brado of “Tradition, Familie, Privateigentum! Saarland!” Additionally, one volunteer from Ireland helped to attract attention to the event by playing the bagpipes, much to the chagrin of the opponents of the action.

Contrary to the cultural narrative that “everyone” supports gender theory, the volunteers found that a great number of people they handed leaflets to vehemently agreed with them. Young families, they noted, tended to be the most supportive of the campaign.

Predictably, however, what little opposition they did face was less than tolerant. In one instance, two homosexual men ran behind a TFP volunteers and slapped the fliers out of his hand before fleeing from the area. Another woman, who was wearing an Antifa shirt, attempted to collect and rip as many fliers as she could before discarding them on the ground – an ironic move from someone who would likely consider themselves to be in favour of ecology.

In total, those responsible for keeping track of the leaflets reported that some 2,300 fliers were distributed during the course of the campaign. Organisers of the action consider it to be a great success and look forward to engaging in more such demonstrations in the future.

As one TFP volunteer said, “Today was a great victory for Our Lady and the Counter-Revolution. We pray that God may protect Germany from the ravages of gender ideology. God bless Germany and God bless the Saarland!”