Macron declares war on the unborn - Killing the innocent is never a choice

Macron declares war on the unborn - Killing the innocent is never a choice

At this time of terrible news in France, TFP Student Action Europe does not stop fighting for the moral restoration of Europe. French President Macron said: "Today is not the end of history, it is the beginning of a struggle. [...] We will fight this battle on our continent, in our Europe, where reactionary forces first and always attack women's rights before they attack the rights of minorities, of all the oppressed, of all freedoms."

This shows not only the fearful haste with which the pro-abortionists protect their modern "conquests", but also their attitude: it's war.

As a firts response, campaigns were organized in several cities in Germany and Belgium: Frankfurt, Aachen, Trier, Saarbrücken and Bruges. More will follow.

The reason is simple: Despite all the insecurity and uncertainty, Versailles gave a battle cry to the unborn. If the defenders of life don't step up the fight, the same curse that now threatens France will spread to Germany and the rest of Europe.

Every year, thousands of people march in dozens of European cities to give a voice to the unborn. Our goal now is to reach millions.

Sign the petition in defense of innocent human life now and help us stop abortion from being included in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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