Resistance against ever-more liberal Abortion Laws

Resistance against ever-more liberal Abortion Laws

At this moment of staggering news in France, TFP Student Action Europe does not stop fighting for the Moral Restoration of Europe. French President Macron said, "We will fight this battle on our continent, in our Europe, where reactionary forces are the first to systematically attack women's rights". This shows not only the fearful rush with which abortion advocates protect their modern 'achievements' but also their attitude: it is war.

During the campaign the Holy Rosary was recited , accompanied by hymns played on a bagpipe. Many families and tourists choose a good spot in the sun to enjoy the public campaign, where they would be told to sign the petition to continue a world-wide reaction against the rise of abortion-activism.

We found public support from the city folk and tourists alike, who shared their Christian ideals and rejection of the murder of the innocent. Many concerns were raised about the future of Europe, the news of France broke out last month and did not go unnoticed. One father with his child in his arms wittily commented on the agenda with is being pushed by NGO’s and under pressure of liberal governments.

During the campaign there was no lack of opposition, they could not stand the fact of our presence and prayer. In their attempt to win over the public on the market square, they imagined that shouting was their modus operandi.

Their attempt was stifled by the members of the TFP who in a calm and orderly way explained in a loud voice the Catholic morals regarding sexuality and murder. Many a passerby stood still to hear a different and apparent persecuted voice: the Catholic one.

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Fighting for Gods Rights

With this ever-increasing movement that seeks to dethrone God, persecute the Church and break the Order, there is no other solution then an equivocally radical spirit to fight for the restoration of Christendom; to bring to justice the wicked and work to build on Gods Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

This spirit is imbued with the love of the Cross. This fight demands a soldier that is not only fighting, but who constantly contemplates the splendour of the Creation, raises his prayers to God and hates the enemy that seek to demolish what he longs for.

If the contemporary society cheers for the destruction of the family, the slaughter of the unborn and sexual perversions, how much would we cheer to see Christianity rise again against it’s enemies?

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