In the U.S: Defenders of the Christ Child Protest “Christmas” Drag Queen Blasphemy

In the U.S: Defenders of the Christ Child Protest “Christmas” Drag Queen Blasphemy

When most Americans were hanging garlands and singing Christmas carols, “wokism” reared its ugly head in the form of a Drag Queen “Christmas” event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. On December 17, the Open Stage Theater celebrated what it called “the true meaning of Christmas” with a blasphemous Drag Queen show open to all ages.

As an act of reparation for this infamy, members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) joined local protest captain John Mason and other residents in a well-organized protest in front of the theater. The staff and students from the TFP-run St. Louis de Montfort Academy were also present, adding youthful vigor.

More than sixty voices echoed prayers off the narrow streets surrounding the theater. In addition, the Academy’s band and bagpipes attracted the locals for several blocks as it played Marian hymns, Christmas melodies, and God Bless America. Some residents were unaware of the show and horrified to hear that it was being held near their homes. Many thanked the protesters for defending the newborn Lord.

The reason for the protest was clear. Christ is the center of Christmas and the cause of the universal joy that permeates this season. The secular world tries to ignore Christ by turning the holy day into a “holiday.”

However, the postmodern world takes this insult to Christ one step further by disfiguring and dishonoring Him on the day of His Birth. At the Drag Queen Christmas event, promoters present Christ, Who was infinitely pure in impure settings. On a day when everyone celebrates innocence, they expose young children to shows that attack this most precious gift.

Everyone has the moral obligation to defend the innocent and the most vulnerable of God’s children. However, Our Lord Himself is the first and most offended by this disgusting display. Christ was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger, making every sacrifice to manifest his love for humanity. These shows present a contrary message that is both outrageous and blasphemous.

What aggravates the offense is that it is a public mockery of the spirit of Christmas. These shows are now receiving massive support from the media. This is why the protesters and the TFP acted. When public sin is promoted, public action must be taken.

The protesters prayed the whole Rosary and braved the biting wind and frosty air. “We came to make reparation to God and Our Lady for this disgusting event,” said one local. “The cold only makes the reparation more meaningful and real.”

The energy of the students of the Academy was contagious. One lady commented, “It is great to see that the younger generations, like at the pro-life marches, are willing to go against the grain and fight immorality as seen here in this event.”

The Academy band played intermittently throughout the whole rally, considering it a privilege to fight for the greater glory of God and to dry the tears of Our Blessed Mother.

To counter the show that mocked Christmas inside the theater, the staunch defenders of Christ sang carols with gusto and devotion. It is not enough to protest evil; one must also proclaim the good. Thus, they sang songs such as “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “O Sanctissima.” Passersby applauded and cheered as it was impossible to miss over sixty voices heralding the coming of the Son of God.

Indeed, the “true meaning of Christmas” does not lie in these shows portraying blasphemy and impurity. It consists of welcoming the most Innocent God made Man. He “dwelt amongst us,” performed many miracles, rebuked evildoers, and forgave repentant sinners. For this goodness, He was scourged, spat upon, and nailed to the Cross for the world’s salvation. It is only fitting that Catholics come to His defense and make reparation, as they did in Harrisburg when He was insulted during this august season.

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