Ice cold Hearts fail to look after Unborn Life

There is much to be done to make people realise the gravity of sins such as abortion.

Ice cold Hearts fail to look after Unborn Life

Yesterday, TFP Student Action Europe volunteers braved the cold to address people about the moral crisis we face. In addition to the unimaginable indifference of the secular population, this time we heard a call to cease the defence of the sacred right of life. From the moment the young pro-lifers spread out in an urban area of Utrecht until the end of the afternoon, people looked at them with curiosity. Some even approached them.

"I think it's actually better that there are fewer People in the World"

After we explained what we were doing and offered the flyer with the petition, the man asked: "But why are you against it? It's not a child, is it?" It was pointed out to the man that human life begins at conception. He made a sarcastic joke about the credibility of human reproduction, despite the fact that this can be understood by virtually anyone - you don't need to be a biologist.

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The man shared his opinion that it would be better if humans became (largely) extinct. There are already too many children being born in the world. In response to a critical question about the basis of his opinion, his clever answer was that he saw problems in the world that were caused by humans.

Whether they deny that "it's just a foetus", "it's not alive yet" or "it has no soul", we can not let them get away with it. That is why we run campaigns to influence public opinion; to persuade people, to refute the hollow lies of the liberals, and to inspire Catholics and people of good will to participate in the moral restoration of a Christian society dominated by a revolutionary spirit striving for total freedom and absolute equality.


If you want to make a difference in society, you have to take action.

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TFP Student Action - Europe is the student sector formed by young volunteers from several European TFPs - Societies for the Defence of Tradition, Family, Property. Networked with thousands of concerned students and parents, TFP Student Action defends traditional moral values on university campuses, in schools and on the streets, in direct contact with the public.

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