Germany: Heretical text is adopted by the Synodal way despite clear warnings of schism - bishops failed miserably

Synod delegates and several bishops give standing ovation to the approval of the text "Dealing with gender diversity"

Germany: Heretical text is adopted by the Synodal way despite clear warnings of schism - bishops failed miserably

Today is a tragic day for the Catholic Church in Germany. The approved text of the act which authorizes the blessings of "couples who love each other", i.e. also those who live in sinful relationships, is not only an open break with sexual morality, the Catechism and the Magisterium, but also an act of open disobedience to Rome and its clear judgment in the "Responsum ad Dubium". Moreover, it's a schismatic and heretical act.

Only 9 of the 60 bishops
found the courage to stand by their oath and defend the whole faith.

Prayers, penances, and above all a public example of resistance and adherence to the perennial Teachings of Holy Church throughout the centuries are now more important than ever before!

We will strive for reparation to God, this is not the end, but the beginning of the resistance!

God help us in this struggle and have mercy on the shepherds who knowingly lead sheep astray!

Understanding the problem

The offering of blessings, blessing celebrations and blessing services for alternative life partnerships by Catholic parishes is a schismatic and heretical act. Moreover, it is an act of grave disobedience to Rome.

Indeed, blessing ceremonies for alternative life partnerships imply a sexual morality that contradicts Catholic morality. Catholic morality condemns acts outside of a sacramentally contracted marriage, especially when they are habitual. Moreover, celebrations of blessing contradict the Catholic understanding of marriage. For this reason, conducting celebrations of blessing is de facto equivalent to establishing a separate sexual morality or magisterium.


- The performance of blessing celebrations for alternative life partnerships contradicts the "Responsum ab dubium" of March 15, 2021, where it is explained - with emphasis on same-sex couples - that the Church has NO authority to perform such blessings.

- The Secretariat of State, in its letter of July 21, 2022 to the German Bishops' Conference, expressly forbade making any autonomous changes in magisterium and governance.

- Bishop Dr. Georg Bätzing, chairman of the German conference, always emphasizes that Germany is not on a path to schism, nor is it on a "German special path" and, of course, the German bishops will adhere to the guidelines of the universal church and church law. But the implementation of blessing celebrations feeds the suspicion that such statements to the universal church are pure stalling tactics, because in some dioceses one is already in the process of creating facts.

The implementation of blessing ceremonies and the sexual morals that are fundamental to them are therefore a grave transgression against the Catholic faith, against Catholic morals and against the unity of the Church.

Visiting all the parishes in Aachen and Limburg

That is why volunteers from TFP Student Action have decided to go around all the parishes in the dioceses of Aachen and Limburg distributing manifestos addressed to the respective bishops, warning the faithful about these practices and asking the bishops for appropriate measures.

Despite the opposition of some priests and lay people more directly involved in the controversial "German Synodal Way", the support and reception from the vast majority of the faithful in both dioceses was enthusiastic.

Our volunteers visited all the parishes in the dioceses of Aachen and Limburg. Click on the picture to learn more

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