Followed by antifas in the streets of Ghent

Followed by antifas in the streets of Ghent

TFP Student Action campaigned today around the campuses of Ghent University.

With the flyer "After the US now in Europe - pray and act to stop the sin of abortion" (Dutch version here) our volunteers went to talk to the students, raising aspects usually silenced about this key topic.

At first they were warmly welcomed. The flyers they brought were gone in less than an hour. However, after 30 minutes of campaign, the local Antifa group showed up. They ran amok a lot and yelled at the students who accepted our flyer in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent other from doing the same.

However, the tactic proved unsuccessful and they began to physically try to stop the distribution, which was even worse for them. After a few minutes, all the leaflets were distributed and the volunteers started heading for our seat.

However, this was prevented by the Antifa, who decided to pursue the TFP. Soon after, the members made a plan to split up in order to get rid of these terrorists.

Thus began an amusing spin through the city streets, walking in circles, which after 20 minutes, completely tired the "brave" Antifa militants.

This is part of an increasingly desperate strategy to try to discourage any initiative to react. They just haven't realized that this only fills our volunteers with even more conviction of the need to act.

The repercussions from the students who supported the campaign were also encouraging. It was not the first time and it will not be the last.

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