Dutch Bishop: "Everyone is welcome in hell. Todos, todos, todos."

Dutch Bishop: "Everyone is welcome in hell. Todos, todos, todos."


The following text is the preface to the book recently launched by the TFP on the process of infiltration of so-called "homoheresy" into the heart of the Holy Church: The Breached Dam: The Fiducia Supplicans Surrender to the Homosexual Movement. The book, which is being spread worldwide, has already received a great deal of attention in important ecclesiastical sectors and among influential Catholics.

* * *

The Fiducia Supplicans declaration (FS) has caused a stir worldwide, not least because of the confusion it creates. FS provides for the possibility of blessing same-sex couples when, two years earlier (Responsum 2021), the Vatican had clearly spoken out against this possibility. The view that FS is consistent with this Responsum and the doctrine and tradition on the subject is untenable. FS presents obvious contradictions. The Bible and Tradition are perfectly consistent when it comes to the moral implications of homosexuality. FS breaks with this by offering the possibility of blessing a sinful relationship in God’s name. Of course, the fact that this blessing may only last a few minutes and is not given near an altar does not change this truth. There is no basis in Scripture or Tradition for such a blessing.

Cardinal Fernández said the doctrine of marriage remains unchanged. But that is not the question. The question is: Can a priest give his blessing to a union that the Bible considers sinful? This is a rhetorical question. Surely, you are asking God’s blessing to heal the brokenness in your life, not to perpetuate your disordered situation. One cannot reject God’s judgment and moral demands and still appeal to His mercy.

The problem lies mainly in the fact that FS does not address the moral dimension of the relationship. FS refuses to name evil. In this respect, it is in tune with the current zeitgeist: The denial of sin, which is a consequence of the dominant subjectivism and relativism today, and the denial of truth, which, by definition, applies to everyone at all times.

Another problem is that mercy is proclaimed without repentance. Everyone is welcome. Todos, todos, todos,* everyone, Pope Francis incessantly shouts. Is everyone welcome? Certainly. But not unconditionally. God makes demands. The entire Bible could be summed up as a call to repentance and a promise of forgiveness. One cannot be separated from the other. Everyone is welcome, but not everyone accepts the invitation. We certainly know the parable of the king who invites everyone to his son’s wedding feast. There comes a time when the door is closed. In hell, a different scenario prevails. There, everyone is unconditionally welcomed. The devil’s slogan is: Come as you are.** You do not have to change. You do not have to ask for forgiveness. You do not have to lift a finger to help others with their needs. Everyone is welcome in hell. Todos, todos, todos.

Mercy exists because sin exists. Mercy exists because judgment exists. Mercy exists because hell exists. Where sin is hidden, the essence of mercy is also hidden. The aim of mercy is not to tell others how bad they are but to tell them about the forgiveness of sins. All you have to do is ask sincerely. There are no strings attached. I thank God every day for His infinite mercy. I see so much anger and aggressiveness in our times. People would not be as aggressive and angry if they knew about God’s forgiveness. However, asking for forgiveness implies acknowledging sin. This is the key to peace of mind and heart. Nothing works so disastrously as denying evil. Usually, things go from bad to worse.

It seems that FS wants to make peace with secular society, but peace at the expense of morality and truth is the most merciless “peace” imaginable. God loves everyone. He loves all sinners, but He hates your sins. He fervently hopes that you will return to Him, just as He hoped for the Prodigal Son’s return. He wants nothing more than for you to share in His love.

For these reasons, I welcome the clarification provided by the timely book The Breached Dam by José Antonio Ureta and Julio Loredo. It fully demonstrates how Fiducia supplicans is the result of a process prepared by a very well-organized pressure group within the Catholic Church.

+ Rob Mutsaerts

Auxiliary bishop of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

* [Trans.: In Spanish in the bishop’s Dutch original.]
** [Trans.: In English in the original.]