Celebrating 30 years of Caravans: TFP Delegation Visits Lithuania

Celebrating 30 years of Caravans: TFP Delegation Visits Lithuania


Since the historic campaign in late May 1990 when the Brazilian TFP took to the streets to collect signatures in support of Lithuanian independence, soon followed by other TFPs across five continents, resulting in the largest valid petition at that time with a total of 5,218,520 signatures in just over four months, an annual international TFP delegation visits Lithuania to participate in events commemorating independence.

As per tradition, this year's visit occurred during the final week of August, fostering the bonds of friendship of the past and reaching out to the new generations of Lithuanians born under the wings of freedom.

In addition to their visits to parishes, participation in civic events and contacts with local authorities, the members of the delegation once again took part in the historic "Thanksgiving and Hope" procession from Tytuvėnai to Šiluva.

At the end, they were welcomed by Cardinal Sigitas Tamkevičius, the emeritus Archbishop of Kaunas who was persecuted by Communism, along with the current Archbishop of Kaunas, Monsignor Kęstutis Kėvalas, the auxiliary bishop of Kaunas, Monsignor Saulius Bužauskas, and the bishop of Šiauliai, Monsignor Eugenijus Bartulis.

Below are some highlights from this year's celebrations:

30 years of Caravans to the Land of Mary

Since 1993 the TFPs have sent a delegation to visit Lithuania every year. To mark this important date, a commemorative cross was erected on the Hill of Crosses - a symbol of the Lithuanian struggle for freedom from Communism. The blessing was given by Bishop Eugenijus Bartulis of Šiauliai.

Photos: TFP archive and Leonas Nekrašas