Call to Chivalry 2022 - TFP Student Action Europe Summer Camp

Call to Chivalry 2022 - TFP Student Action Europe Summer Camp

With the help of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, another "Call to Chivalry" camp could begin this year. It took place from July 2nd to 10th and brought together young participants from several European countries and volunteers from the various TFP's

We transcribe below excerpts from the report sent daily to the parents, describing the development of the program:

"I’m delighted to say that the camp was really blessed by Our Lady. I must also admit that it has been a grace not only to the boys, but to the organisers as well…

After the arrival of the participants full of anticipation and excitement, everyone settled into their bedrooms and were explained some of the basics of how this camp works. There was a practice for the formations and processions that would be daily as well as what was expected of them.

After dinner, we had a marvellous presentation of Mr. Julio Loredo on the scientific discoveries around the Holy Shroud of Turin.

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After that, a solemn Rosary procession ensued, also very inspiring, accompanied by the sound of Hail Holy Queen and Immaculate Mary, which we sang along with the bagpipe and drums. It was so beautiful that I thought of inviting the parents, next time, to participate in this Rosary.

Sunday was a day to speak about the start point of the Spanish Reconquista. Don Pelayo, a faithful noblemen, decided on his own to say NO to the Muslim invasion. Though betrayed by the Bishop of Toledo, Don Oppas, and a big chunk of the Spanish former ruling class, he resisted thanks to Our Lady, who performed several miracles, registered in the pages of History. How much we need a D. Pelayo nowadays... We went to the Sunday Mass in Saarlouis, and we had the privilege to sing the Mass ourselves, with some of the boys.

The following day, we had a presentation on the Siege of Malta, another example of how a few brave men can totally change the course of history. The current capital of Malta still bears the name of the hero: La Valetta.
After that, a hike in the region of Trier, ending in the beautiful ruines of a Castle.

Sometimes we give it for granted the fact that we are ROMAN Catholics. What is precisely the meaning of this word? To be honest, I was amazed and touched when I listened to Mr. Loredo’s presentation: Proud to be Roman Catholic, in which he showed why Divine Providence has established the Holy Church in the “Eternal City”, and kept it as its Seat. How splendid is the Church!

This presentation actually set the tone for Tuesday, after several field games and tournaments, which of course counted points for the teams.

By the way, it is interesting to see how the young men are reacting to the daily inspection on bedrooms, to see if they are nice and neat. One would suppose that they would react negatively, but to the contrary, being together with other boys of the same age they end up liking it. How to explain that?

Such discipline, together with true friendship, was a trademark of Saint John Bosco’s Apostolate, from which we draw so much inspiration. And this was the topic of another two meetings: The Supernatural Dreams and Adventures of S. John Bosco.

Then came the long-awaited kayak. The landscape was breathtaking around the Saar River with its lofty castles-churches-chapels. Everyone was enthused when arriving at Sarrebourg, a truly beautiful town. Being at the river, we had a very "medieval" perspective, looking at the walls and watermills from down below. Really, a must-see.

On the last day there was a lecture on the virtue of Chastity, according to the writings of Saint Alphonsus Liguori. We studied the 5 avenues of the impure vice into a young boy’s mind, and the 5 methods to counteract such sin. The boys seemed to be paying extra attention. We hope that the teachings of that Doctor of the Church will be a treasure for their lives.

In the afternoon, we went to the city of Féy, where lies a very well-kept recreational park, including 5 different paintball fields! It was a wonderful physical activity, combining strategy, endurance and fast thinking.

We thank Our Lady for these days, especially considering the undeserved grace we've had of the daily Mass and Rosary!"

If you are interested and would like to know more about the next editions of the Call to Chivalry Camp, please write to us.

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