Abortion Debate: 12 Pro-Life Crusaders vs. 150 Pro-Abortion Students

Abortion Debate: 12 Pro-Life Crusaders vs. 150 Pro-Abortion Students

“[We’ve] got to get them back in blood!” That’s what a pro-abortion student said after TFP Student Action volunteer Kevin Roman was injured while peacefully praying for the unborn at George Mason University.

“He ripped my megaphone away and injured my thumb,” said Roman, 20, who was praying the rosary on campus with a team of TFP volunteers on October 24, 2022. Although his thumb was bruised and slightly bleeding, Kevin did not give up. He and his 12 colleagues stood their ground against about 200 pro-abortion students who tried to shut down their peaceful rally for the unborn. As the pro-abortion mob resorted to swearing, spitting, theft, and physical assault, the outnumbered pro-life group refused to be bullied into silence.

Although surrounded by the mob, TFP members formed two lines and calmly marched off, singing God Bless America accompanied by the bagpipes. The mob desperately tried to block their exit, but the gallant TFP members cleared a path through the hoard. A group of hecklers surrounded TFP cameraman John Wagner who leaped over a bench to extricate himself.

As the impromptu procession of TFP volunteers reached the parking lot, two police cruisers arrived, and the cowardly mob quickly dispersed.

The police found the perpetrator of the attack against Kevin Roman, and an ambulance arrived to treat his injured hand. A police report -- case number 22.008487 -- was filed. Kevin now has legal options to explore if he decides to take the pro-abortion attacker to court.

The Future Belongs to God

Nothing good or enduring will ever come from the immoral Culture of Death. The abortion movement thrives on destroying innocent life and thus contains the seeds of its own demise. That’s why TFP volunteers are full of hope for the future, despite the difficulties they face on campus today. Without question, the future belongs to God and those who remain faithful and fight to make abortion unthinkable in our beloved land.

Viva Cristo Rey! Viva!

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