A crusade of public prayers against abortion in different European cities

A new impetus is blowing throughout the world and is leading to action those who view with concern the systematic demolition of the values ​​of Christian civilization - Photo © JG/ADC

A crusade of public prayers against abortion in different European cities

For a week during the last month of August, young people from different European countries traveled to several cities in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to defend the values ​​of Christian Civilization and oppose the resolution of the European Parliament to impose abortion as a right in the EU treaties.

The TFP Student Action Europe “caravan” organized demonstrations in the cities of Aachen, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Heemstede, Haarlem, The Hague, Den Bosch, Breda and Ghent.

The demonstrations consisted mainly of the public recitation of the rosary, in emblematic places or with high traffic, to put an the end to the sin of abortion. This did not leave the many passers-by indifferent, especially since prayers alternated with the sound of bagpipes, trumpets and drums, in a setting illuminated by the bright red banners and capes of young pro-life activists. During the recitation of the rosary, a good half of the latter distributed a leaflet with the attractive title: "After the United States, now Europe- Pray and fight to end the sin of abortion!".

A young volunteer presents the ideas defended by the members of the caravan - Photo © JG/ADC

The pamphlet described the current state of the abortion debate, following the United States Supreme Court's resolution overturning Roe v. Wade, and gave the following prayer intentions:

“We pray for the children still in their mother's womb who risk being murdered in barbaric ways before they even see the light of the sun and receive baptism. We pray for mothers who are under pressure from those around them and from social organizations to abort the life they carry in their wombs and who, long after, will still suffer the serious psychological and physiological consequences of this fatal gesture. We pray for mothers who have had an abortion and who, repentant, do not know how to repair their fault or are tempted by despair. We even pray for the conversion of those who promote this infamous sin and who benefit from it professionally and financially so that, like Dr. Bernard Nathanson or Abby Johnson, they will become ardent pro-life advocates. We pray for our countries, their leaders and their legislators that, recognizing abortion as the greatest scourge in history, they will reaffirm in legislation the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death."

An essential option between two incompatible visions

According to the young activists, the public recitation of the rosary, the slogans chanted between each dozen and the leaflets distributed divided the public, at least a good half of whom warmly welcomed them. This systematically provoked incomprehension and even outrage from small groups of LGBT and pro-abortion activists, who resorted to insults, egg throwing and physical attacks as their only argument. In fact in Amsterdam, Breda and Ghent, madmen even knocked down the banner indicating the purpose of the demonstration and then physically assaulted volunteers , forcing the police to intervene.

A woman makes a vivid demonstration of the tolerance of the pro-abortion movement... - Photo © JG/ADC

During these counter-demonstrations, the convergence between pro-abortion feminist activists and pro-LGBT activists was notorious. This was particularly shocking in Ghent where a group of around 200 counter-demonstrators was already there before the arrival of volunteers from the TFP Student Action Europe (certainly warned by the authorities to whom the demonstration had been declared beforehand). They carried signs "My body, my choice" which alternated with rainbow flags from the LGBT lobby. This small crowd warmly applauded and shouted when a lesbian couple passing between the two demonstrations stopped to kiss each other for a long time on the mouth, but also when a young woman carrying a baby came forward with a sign where she had written: "My body, my choice", meaning that she could also have killed him before he was born.

A new counter-revolutionary momentum

Each time such confrontations occurred, rather neutral observers were shocked by seeing the aggressiveness of the pro-abortion group and came to show the young volunteers of the TFP Student Action their admiration for the dignity and the courage to continue to recite the rosary, playing the music and chanting their slogans as if the counter-demonstrators did not exist. Others, who initially had remained silent, began to answer the Ave Maria of the rosary, applauded at the end of a musical interpretation or made signs of approval after the slogans chanted with megaphones.

The convergence between pro-abortion feminist activists and pro-LGBT activists was notorious - Photo © JG/ADC

"People who are on the side of the unborn child come out strengthened in their convictions by seeing young pro-life activists demonstrating and praying in the streets without any human respect", explains one of the organizers .

In fact, a new impetus is blowing throughout the world and is leading to action those who view with concern the systematic demolition of the values ​​of Christian civilization. Certainly it will not stop at the borders of France, which was once the home of the Crusades and the main counter-revolutionary movements of modern history.

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