2018 TFP International Student Conference - How to React 50 Years after Sorbonne?

2018 TFP International Student Conference - How to React 50 Years after Sorbonne?

In August, many young men from around the world gathered in Gaming, Austria to discuss, analyze, and counter the Sorbonne Revolution of May 1968. Hosted in a medieval Carthusian monastery by the Austrian and Polish TFPs, many distinguished men; including His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider and His Highness Duke Paul of Oldenburg., presented enlightening talks on the events of May 1968.

The subjects of the presentations focused on what the revolution was, how it came to be, what were its goals, and how to counter the effects it has today. These young men learned and were astonished to find how much today has been effected by Sorbonne. The spirit of Sorbonne, summarized in the infamous slogan, "It is forbidden to forbid," can still be seen in the fashions and tendencies, and has led to the transgender and homosexual movement as well as many other moral decadences today.

The ambience of this conference was also chosen specifically to counter the revolution of tendencies seen in 1968. Each day was begun by a ceremonious raising of the TFP standard while the participants sung the Credo, the profession of faith in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. After this beautiful ceremony, sessions of meetings and study workshops would ensue in beautiful medieval rooms with vaulted and enamored ceilings. Every meeting began with a prayer to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and then would continue with Her intercession. Every day the participants were graced to attend the Holy Mass and Confession in the old gothic chapel of the Carthusians. As the Sorbonne was a revolution of ambiences and tendencies, so it must be countered by ambiences and tendencies.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Julio Loredo, president of the Italian TFP, gave an excellent presentation on exactly how to counter the revolution of 1968. He gave multiple methods in which we must first and foremost make ourselves completely counter-revolutionary, then under the leadership of the Blessed Virgin, especially under the title of Auxilium Chritianorum (Help of Christians), we must form a new civilization, a Reign of Mary as St. Louis de Montfort called it, with this spirit. Mr. Loredo stated that this spirit is an angelic spirit and is done in the same way that St. Michael cried "Quis ut Deus", "Who is like unto God," and destroyed the first revolution in history.

After the conference concluded, the participants were all invited to physically put to use what they had studied by campaigning for the family against transgender tyranny in Vienna.

As is clearly seen, the conference followed the methodical studying style of St. Thomas Aquinas: To see, judge, and finally to act.