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Street Campaigns

The street campaign was brainchild of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, the founder of the Brazilian Society for the Defence of Tradition Family and Property(today called Instituto Plinio Correa de Oliveira).

This signature method of engaging the public on important religious and social issues is now used by Catholic groups all over the world.

Taking majestic red standards eblazoned with a golden lion, symbolising Our Lord, into the central square of any town, our young volunteers can be seen meeting the man on the street.

In times when the mass media can be so hard to get on to, the street campaign is a perfect way reach public opinion without having to rely on the major means of communication.

Accompanied with music and pausing for public rosaries our street campaigns create an energetic yet prayerful ambience. This is an essential expression of our Catholic Faith, namely Catholic Action.

You want to defend the Law of God, between this select and mobilized group of activists in this orderly and peaceful but energetic, struggle for moral values !

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What is a Campaign?

Nearly 50 ago, the TFP first unfurled its standards on the streets in order to proclaim its bold defence  of the values of tradition, family, and property. Today, these public campaigns have become a signature of the nearly 30 TFPs in their respective countries. The question remains, however, what are these campaigns and what is their goal?

The origins of the campaigns trace back to the eminent Catholic thinker and man of action, Prof ° Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Taking inspiration from the activities of various European Catholic and monarchist groups from the early 20th century – from France in particular – he wanted to develop a unique method of projecting to the public the ideals of the then nascent Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family, and Property.

Realising that the media would never promote the actions of a rightist group, especially one of Catholic inspiration, he surmised that the only way to disseminate the message of the TFP would be to interact directly with the people on the streets. Thus, the campaigns were born. As it turns out, this method he developed would show itself to be a wild success through the TFP proving itself to be particularly capable of mobilising public opinion. In fact, these actions became so well known that international companies, such as Wrangler jeans, even used them as a backdrop for advertisements.

One of the elements that made these demonstrations so distinct was the symbols that were used. Imagine, there is a typical street corner with nothing special. Suddenly, one day 12 young men appear clad in striking red capes. Above them flies an almost medieval standard emblazoned with a lion rampant – a symbol of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For the three hours they are there distributing fliers and shouting slogans, the trappings of the modern world are seemingly overtaken by an ambiance which speaks of another age, yet one which is still grounded in reality.

There is also a practical side of this, as well. In these times, when people are so buried in their distractions, the extraordinary sight of a TFP campaign immediately calls their attention and piques their interest to such a degree that one must actively choose to ignore the campaign if they are to disregard it.Without any doubt, someone who witnesses one of these campaigns will never forget them, as countless examples from across the world demonstrate.

In addition to the symbols, most of these demonstrations are accompanied by music, mostly Marian and military in origin. This, combined with the calm yet confident comportment of the TFP members, accomplishes what almost no other organisation can; the creation of an energetic and profoundly Catholic atmosphere. It's no surprise, then, that the TFP is able to mobilise over 500,000 people world wide for public square rosary rallies each year.

In these campaigns, the TFP strives to not simply be another pro-life or pro-family group, but one that truly embodies the principles of authentic Catholic action. With these actions, the TFP hopes to raise the standard of God's Law for all to follow.

You want to defend the Law of God, between this select and mobilized group of activists in this orderly and peaceful but energetic, struggle for moral values !

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