Stop the DragQueen Shows!

Stop the DragQueen Shows!

Under the name "Drag-Queen Story Hour", adult men in the United States have been living out their sexual fantasies in libraries and public places for several years, often focusing on children of the youngest age.

To do this, they dress up as a perverted parody of women, completely reduced to their sexual charms. For example, by wearing extremely revealing clothes and completely exaggerated makeup.

It usually starts with "fairy tale lessons", where they teach the children their own perverted fairy tales, but usually ends in dance performances, for which one would normally have to go to strip clubs.

Unfortunately, similar events are now being imposed more and more in Europe.

It is logical, therefore, that we wonder if in Germany the official child protection bodies are vigilant and aware of everything that happens at these "DragQueen shows". Is it prudent to expose our children to situations about which the American College of Pediatricians has pronounced? "Conditioning children to believe that a lifetime of chemical and surgical imitation of the opposite sex is normal and healthy is child abuse."²

In Frankfurt, the MyZeil shopping mall, in collaboration with an initiative called "Drag Show Stories," announced a drag show "for the first time in the mall's history, open to the public, free of charge and child and youth friendly."³

The reasons and the connection to similar events in public libraries in the United States are explained in more detail on the organizers' Facebook page, "In the United States, conservatives want to ban public drag shows, and Tennessee already has a ban in place, which is currently causing a major culture war in the media. MyZeil wants to further raise the profile of the community by hosting a free, public drag show."4

Although this is not clearly stated in the invitation, the intention to promote an anti-christian ideology is clear in the statements and publications of the organizers and especially the "guest artists" on social networks. For example, in one of the videos posted on the Facebook page "Drag Show Stories," one of the guests at this Saturday's event destroys a crucifix as part of his "performance."¹

To hold such an event in a shopping mall, and to do so in public and for the countless children who pass by, is unacceptable. When children are exposed to such abominations from a young age, it causes confusion and contradictions in the child's mind, which are also passed on to those around them. When a child is taught to accept them as normal, he learns to reject the law of nature and the law of God and to adopt a false conception of reality.

This attack on the innocence of youth comes directly from the anti-Christian infiltration of the "transgender" movement, which at its core is against the teachings of Christ. "Whoever slanders one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea," said our Lord in the Gospel (Mark 9:41).

Join us in this public, vigorous, but peaceful act of rejection of this attack on the innocence of our children!

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