Stop puberty blockers for kids!

Petition to Pia Dijkstra, Minister for Medical Care of the Netherlands

Stop puberty blockers for kids!

The chemical abuse of vulnerable children in gender clinics must stop!

It can be done now. The time is ripe. Victory is within reach.

All over the world, medics are standing up against the Dutch approach: against providing puberty blockers to young people with gender confusion.

  • That is young people who, under the influence of Gender ideology, no longer know whether they are a boy or a girl, who are under the delusion that their biological sex does not suit them.
  • They are given puberty blockers so that their gender development is halted. This allows them to think longer about what they want to be. But in the meantime, they have already been sent in one direction. With no way back...
  • A satanic Dutch invention that disrupts God's order of creation...

A scathing scientific report on the Dutch approach has just been released in England: the damage among young people appears to be immense.

One country after another is instituting a moratorium on puberty blockers, except the Netherlands.

Leftist parties hold the Dutch approach against their better judgment. The harm to children is only increasing.

The provision of puberty blockers must stop immediately. Not tomorrow, but now! Therefore, sign the petition to Medical Care minister Pia Dijkstra:

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