Europe needs an action plan against pornography

Appeal to the President of the European Parliament

Europe needs an action plan against pornography

Europe needs an action plan against pornography

Pornography has become a real epidemic in our times, causing serious psychological and physical damage. Therapists are sounding the alarm. The number of cases of child-on-child abuse is increasing at an alarming rate:

Children are becoming increasingly addicted and even criminals. Even four-year-olds (!) imitate scenes from films and abuse other children.

It is no wonder that therapists and psychologists are now sounding the alarm: porn addiction and other pornography-related illnesses (such as sexual dysfunction) are spreading like an epidemic, especially among the generation that grew up with the Internet.

Today we know that pornography is addictive in a similar way to heroin – with the major difference that pornography is available almost everywhere and at any time!

These shocking facts have so far not led the general public, public figures and those responsible in the media and politics in Europe to adequately address the problem.

It's high time we followed the example of countries like Great Britain and Iceland, and took decisive action against the flood of pornography. Europe needs a

National action plan against pornography!

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