Young Catholics demand an identical restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral

Young Catholics demand an identical restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral

During the last week of August, some 35 young catholics from ten countries gathered with older TFP members on the streets of France to demand the restoration of the Notre Dame cathedral of Paris as it was before the fire.

This took place at the end of an annual summer conference organised by TFP Student Action Europe, the Pan-European branch of the Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

The campaign took place in multiple French cities, including Thionville, Strasbourg, Nancy and Rheims and called on people to sign an international petition directed to the President and the Cultural Minister of France, which demands the restoration of Notre Dame cathedral “identically, as it was” before the fire. You can sign the petition here.

The campaign was impelled by the recent comments on the cathedral by President Emmanuel Macron, which implied that the restoration needed a “contemporary architectural gesture.” Additionally, there remains a continually uncertain future as a law passed in the French Parliament on 16th of July does not prescribe a duty to restore the cathedral as it was ,despite previous attempts to that end by the Senate.

As is characteristic to TFP, the campaign was conducted its trademark symbols – standards with the golden lion, crimson red capes, orderly formations and a military style band.

Feel free to take a closer look on the Facebook page of TFP Student Action Europe.