Why Are People Ignoring the Slow-Motion Jihad that Rages Inside France?

Why Are People Ignoring the Slow-Motion Jihad that Rages Inside France?

While peace seems to reign, many countries are threatened by what might be called slow-motion wars. These conflicts involve a gradual destruction of society, structures and security inside a climate of uneasy peace. The devastation of war occurs not at once but over time. An example of one slow-motion war is the ongoing Jihad inside France.

Indeed, there is no formal declaration of war and even the appearance of normality on many city streets. However, violent Islamic sectors inside France engage in acts of daily violence that resemble a war-like situation. Society suffers as if a war, or in this case a jihad, were formally declared.

The Gatestone Institute reports that there is a jihad on churches in France today. The evidence is overwhelming. Through the length and breadth of France, destroyed, vandalized, burned and damaged churches abound. Priests and faithful are threatened by aggression. A map published by Christianophobie.fr is covered with red pins marking points of violence that spare no region or city.

The report claims that an average of two attacks on churches a day are the norm in France. Many of these buildings are ancient and historical landmarks. The culprits, in most cases, are not brought to justice. In many scenes, anti-Jesus and pro-Mohammad graffiti on nearby walls leaves no doubt as to the influence of Islam. Shouts of “Allah Akbar” also ring out near the sites.

According to journalist Sonja Dahlmans, most targets are Catholic churches. She notes that “Crucifixes, organs, altars and other religious symbols are regularly destroyed or stolen. Statues of saints also suffer. In a church in Angers, seven statues were beheaded or amputated in April this year. … Stained glass windows of old churches are also regularly smashed by vandals.”

These vandals also target graveyards, especially the crosses atop gravestones that are often destroyed or stolen. The map of incidents also records interruption of services by gangs and youth. Several priests have been severely beaten.

Most of these incidents go unreported or little noted as if they are part of the daily way of life in postmodern France. Tragically, France, known as the first-born daughter of the Church for her zeal for the Faith, no longer reacts to these insults and sacrileges.

France is at war—a slow-motion war—that is gradually destroying what is left of the once-Christian nation. What makes matters worse is that it is a one-sided war where the Christian side is hampered by those who refuse to recognize the destruction or blame the perpetrators.

Church officials who administer the damaged buildings call for dialogue. Other war deniers, such as city officials, call for understanding and engagement with the enemy. They blame the victims for the violence because of their systemic colonialism or racism.

These incidents are not limited to France. They also occur with great frequency in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, with large Muslim populations. The West generally treats these attacks with astonishing indifference and even woke indignation. The postmodern narratives of the oppressed Muslim people living in Europe almost seem to justify the anger of those who target the Church. Progressive Church officials can always be counted upon to minimize the damage to their own buildings and reach out to these “marginalized” people.

However, the result of these attacks is like that of a war. It is a slow-motion war that day in/day out, destroying centuries of French heritage and history. It is no less real than if a Muslim power were to declare war, invade the country and destroy churches and all signs of Christianity. It is a religious war upon Christianity, and Christians will lose this war if they do not wake up.

The main enemy is not the terrorist destroyers but those who facilitate the destruction by taking a suicidal course of aiding the enemy through their fake narratives that deprive Christians of a means of self-defense.

Article first published on the American TFP website: https://www.tfp.org/why-are-pe...

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