"VU Amsterdam is known for its Diversity"

Pro-life campaign at a university in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"VU Amsterdam is known for its Diversity"

Volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe campaign against the sin of abortion at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The campus on which the young men handed out flyers and challenged students to step out of the "consensus bubble" speaks volumes about "diversity" and "equality" but prefers to keep the Pro-life sound at bay. Despite the efforts of abortion activists and campus security, many students were eager to engage in conversation on Moral Issues.

"Are you against Abortion? How good! I agree with you!"

After the group prayed for a blessed campaign, 2 African men walked up to them and expressed their appreciation for the action and especially their courage. The students lived in the Netherlands for a short time and noticed a significant difference in the culture compared to their native country. They held to Christian values about the sanctity of God-given life and the need for a stable, God-fearing family to raise children.

Afbeelding2 VU 231011

Feminists do not want Catholics to spread a counter-revolutionary message.

Selective attitude towards Protests

After 15 minutes of being able to talk to students and teachers about the seriousness of the abortion practice, one of the students in front of the university entrance spoke extremely intolerantly and brutally. She insisted that the pro-life activists had to leave and threatened to call in campus security guards if we did not stop distributing the pamphlets. The volunteers of TFP Student Action Europe remained calm; they experience this more often on campuses. "Typically, the groups that talk about tolerance, equality and diversity; always have to get us. And the unborn children who are aborted are never considered, they are excluded and honestly, murdered.

Afbeelding3 VU 231011

TFP Student Action Europe regularly runs campaigns on campuses to reach out to students.

'My life is surrounded by Conservatives, except when I walk past here'

At the main entrances of the Vrije Universiteit on de Boelelaan, students walked by constantly, some who recognised our Catholic student group from the previous times we did a public campaign against abortion. A student at the faculty of theology introduced himself and was keen to learn more about how we could make the Netherlands Christian again. He told how his family had protected him from 'outside influences' and taught him principles that helped him, for example, when choosing friends and study groups. In the conversation, it soon emerged that we cannot hide or isolate ourselves, but rather we must influence public opinion and 're-evangelise' the West, as it were.

Turning the Tide is possible

Abortion is part of an anti-Christian ideology, which became widespread in the 1960s. It seeks to completely disconnect sexuality from God's intention with it, which is to produce new life. Unborn children are a stand in the way of the Sexual Revolution. Therefore, they want them to be eliminated. Only with an immovable conviction in Catholic Morality can we find the remedies to restore society and make it truly fruitful. The hope of the Netherlands becoming a Christian country again is alive and well.

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