Two irreconcilable Worldviews in Utrecht

TFP Student Action Europe regularly conducts campaigns around universities.

Two irreconcilable Worldviews in Utrecht

Volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe campaign against the Sin of Abortion at the University of Utrecht. On the campus, TFP volunteers spread the word and challenged students to explain their indifference to the sin of abortion. We saw a growing interest in discussing morality, the philosophical foundations of basic human rights and the Catholic Faith


There is an increasing number of young people in search of absolute values like Faith and Morals.

"You are International!"

"I know all about abortion and I'm against it". That's how a young man reacted when he suddenly saw young people on his campus handing out literature against the sin of abortion. After describing our activities throughout Europe, he suddenly realised: "I've seen some of your videos, from Amsterdam, right? After chatting with us about the harsh reality of campaigning against current moral crises, and especially abortion, where tensions are very high, he was keen to find out how he could get involved. The prospects of gaining real results and momentum for the Counter-Revolution seem more realistic after the overturning of Roe. V. Wade in the United States. More than ever we need to pray and act to defend Christian civilisation in our native countries and across the West.


"I follow you via the Media!"

One of the young volunteers went around the student blocks of the campus to find more people to talk to about this moral issue. Most of the people who were clearly against us gave an indifferent but respectful reception. After putting our flyer 'Pray and Act Against the Sin of Abortion' in the mailboxes, he returned to the main street of the campus, and on his way a young Dutch man approached him and asked: "Are you from that Catholic group TFP?" The member later on said that he had been talking to the Dutch student about the need for action. After having agreed to intensify their activism, the young men said "I follow you via the media, I really like what you're doing! How can I get involved?" The TFP member explained how he can get involved and where other TFP affiliated organisations are active.


Not rooted in reality: Abortion and Transgenderism

Violence against peaceful Catholics

At the end of our campus campaign in Utrecht, Netherlands, after handing out countless leaflets, we saw something that is becoming increasingly common these days: violence by the " progressivists ", " liberals " and " leftists ". When one of the pro-lifers kindly offered a pamphlet to a passer-by, the passer-by stopped, looked at it and punched the pile of leaflets in his hand. As our peaceful volunteer stepped back, he realised it was a so-called 'transgender' and shouted: "Why are you using violence?!" The men responded by looking angry, sticking out his middle finger and turning around. Confused as to what this pro-abortion student wanted, he addressed him: "Have a nice day, sir!" The transgender exploded, losing control over his voice and yelled: "That's ma'am for you!"

Abortion and Transgenderism: two Sides of the same Coin

Many liberals condemn the fight against abortion because, as a single issue, it crowds out other issues from the political scene. The raging debate around this single, polarising issue would ensure that other issues do not get the attention they deserve.

On the one hand, abortion is indeed a single issue that is growing in importance. On the other hand, it is intimately linked to many other problems that have long since led our society down the road to self-destruction. Conclusions like these are not drawn by fanatical opponents of abortion, who in any case present things in a confused way. No, liberals themselves rightly admit that everything is connected. And we would do well to believe them.

Get involved

"Abortion Rights" also means "Trans Rights"

Jennifer Boylan, a columnist for the New York Times, summed it up in an article titled "Abortion Rights Are Two Sides of the Same Coin". It represents the sum total of liberal dogma. Anyone who does not yet understand where the pro-abortion position is taking us need only succumb to the tortuous logic of this article.

The essence of this "transsexual" author's thesis is that the state has no right to restrict us in what we do or do not do with our bodies. In this respect, abortion is closely related to the "trans movement" and all sexual deviations and lifestyles. The state must provide "health care" for abortion and sex change, which is essentially the same thing.

The Individual as the Norm for the Law

Once "bodily autonomy" is taken as an absolute, any curtailment of it means tyranny. If the liberal dogma of autonomy is accepted, there is nothing to be said against public nakedness or other lewd behaviour, because such things would be applauded as expressions of personal freedom. Similarly, this fallacious reasoning would justify sexual intercourse with animals and inanimate objects in public or in private. Any decision about life should be left to the individual, as in the case of assisted suicide. All such acts should be authorized, even encouraged, and if wished, financially supported by the state.

Anyone who opposes this abnormal morality is accused of imposing their personal religious beliefs and morality on others. At the same time, however, liberals impose their ideology of the " absolutisation of bodily autonomy " on culture, education and society.

The Individual determines Reality

According to this distorted view of freedom, the individual determines reality. There is then no such thing as a fundamentally human nature. Being human is what the individual determines for himself - even if it would be inhuman. Man must therefore be free to identify himself as what the imagination inspires him to be. In this postmodern world, imagination rules; nothing is rooted in reality.


Universities train students in Relativism

"It's not just one Man and one Woman"

Most of the university students that walked through the campus did not have the courage for a proper debate, they resorted to looking away and ignoring the activists, making angry faces or whispering to their friends. After a while, however, one student was able to spare some time and stopped to voice his opinion.

The philosophy student pointed out that "we are not completely sure when life begins. So a woman can choose to take care of her own body." We all know that life begins at conception, but clearly his education has taught him otherwise. He was answered: "We know that it's not one plus one equals two. There is someone who is taken out of the equisation. So it's not just a man and a woman, there's another being involved: a human being. We can't assume that it's not a human being, we would be undermining the history of the human race, because that is how we procreate. We know that human being produces other human beings. The woman is carrying a human baby, that's a fact! And we cannot allow her to take that life away.

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