TFP volunteers protest against sexual indoctrination of children: LGBT activists lose control

TFP volunteers protest against sexual indoctrination of children: LGBT activists lose control

Transvestites read to children in the library of Nijmegen last Saturday. Defenseless toddlers and preschoolers heard the destructive lie that gender doesn’t matter. Volunteers from TFP Student Action protested and received blows from LGBT activists. The Nijmegen police didn’t show, despite calling the emergency phone number 112. It says all about the lawlessness and wickedness with which family activists are being attacked.

An innocent afternoon one might think: someone is going to read to toddlers in the public library. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, the one who does the reading is a transvestite and the stories that are being read are not so innocent, but direct indoctrination of children with the ideology of the LGBT lobby. We couldn’t let this happen. We had to take action and defend the law of God and the standards of our Christian civilization.

Blessing and Protection

We went to the library with a few men, hoisted the flag that symbolizes the defense of Tradition, Family and Property and brought our flyers along, but not without asking for a blessing and praying for protection first. Both were urgently needed. The flyers that were distributed, gained a lot of support from the passing public. Many people gladly accepted the flyers and started reading immediately. Others brought the flyers back saying politely, but firmly: “I don’t support this.”


Even the media were present. We were being filmed by BNN/VARA and VPRO. The media initially came for the reading afternoon in the library. One can see the importance of this seemingly insignificant event. The symbolic meaning is huge. “We have a foot in the door and have to push on,” the LGBT lobby thinks. Their next step is to organize more reading afternoons by transvestites in libraries and schools, as is happening in America already. But they didn’t expect a peaceful and steadfast opposition…

Pedophilia accepted?

The media interviewed us extensively about the danger of the LGBT lobby and the indoctrination of children by transvestites. We also pointed out the next step in the sexual revolution: the acceptance of pedophilia. Recently, during the Gay Parade in Amsterdam, flyers were handed out by a Dutch organization called ‘Child Love’ saying: “Children also have a right to love.”

Filthy attack

After a short while the counter-demonstrators arrived with signs, bells and glitter. They pushed us aside, made obscene gestures and constantly tried to block our way. After a while more counter-demonstrators came, a highly confrontational atmosphere arose. An hour later our clothes were being torn, one of us was thrown to the ground, glitter was being sprayed in our faces and there was a big fight.

‘So aggressive’

Why do we never hear about the violence of lgbt-activists against peaceful demonstrators? Many people from the public who initially kept to themselves, openly chose our side: “It’s ridiculous how aggressive these homosexuals treat you”, and “We are on your side”, they said.

Where is the police?

As Gezin in Gevaar we already campaigned in various places for the family and Christian civilization. This is always done in sound consultation with the police. The last time in Amsterdam, the police told us: “You are welcome, it is important for us to defend the freedom of speech.” A police officer in Gouda even told us: “Many people in Gouda agree with you, and so do I.” The police in Amsterdam even sent someone away, because he disturbed our demonstration with a whistle.

The police just watched

But the police in Nijmegen… In March of this year a highly confrontational atmosphere had arisen during our campaign against Suitsupply. More than a hundred anti-fascist and lgbt-activists came to us under police escort (!) and attacked our ten volunteers. Just like now, glitter was being rubbed in our faces and our flyers, clothes and rosaries were being torn apart.

Emergency phone number 112

One would think they learned from this situation, but no… There was no police when we arrived on Saturday, which wasn’t the case in other places. When the situation became tense, we called the emergency phone number 112. We told them that we were being attacked and threatened. Nevertheless, the police didn’t show up! What is the worth of freedom of speech and freedom of demonstration when you have to get off the streets, because of violence and threats?

Respect God’s laws

We will report the threats and destruction by the LGBT activists and file a complaint against the police in Nijmegen. However, we will not give up the battle, not in other places, nor in Nijmegen. The family is worth defending. The future of the Netherlands depends on our respect for God’s commandments.