TFP Attends Annual Altötting Pilgrimage

TFP Attends Annual Altötting Pilgrimage

Since 660 A.D., Altötting has been a site of intense marian devotion. The medieval image of the Blessed Virgin which resides in the ancient chapel has been attributed to countless healings and miracles, even into these days. Its walls are lined with numerous votive offerings to the Mother of God, some even containing the hearts of the deceased Catholic nobles.

It is no surprise, then, that today it is the centre of Bavarian devotion to Mary.

In honour of the many graces Our Lady has given to Her children here, the German association Pro Ecclesia Sancta organised its 10th annual pilgrimage and Pontifical High Mass at the site. Among the people, many groups were represented, notably a collection of scouting associations, Third Order Mercedarians, and representatives from the various TFPs.

The Mass itself was celebrated by Archbishop Wolfgang Haas of Liechtenstein in the Tridentine Rite. In addition to an outstanding choir, traditional clergy from a variety of orders, congregations, and diocese were in attendance.

Due to the size of the crowd, the Liturgy was celebrated in the Basilica of Saint Anne, a baroque structure connected to the Capuchin convent.

Prior to the mass itself, Monsignor Haas led a smaller group of faithful in a prayer and blessing in the presence of the miraculous image of Mary. This was followed by a public procession through the streets to the Basilica itself.

Among those present, were many young people, most of them clad in trachten.

In these days, when it seems that the Faith is almost lost in Europe, events like this, which were filled with faithful of all ages, especially the youth, it reminds the European people of the message of hope offered at Fatima: "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph".