Satanic Act at Eurovision Song Contest shocks Many

Satan is openly worshipped at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Satanic Act at Eurovision Song Contest shocks Many

Satanism is advancing through the Eurovision Song Contest. Irish artist Bambie Thug performed satanic rituals on stage this weekend.

Dressed like the Devil at the Eurovision Song Contest

Doomsday Blue is the name of the Irish entry for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. Dressed as the devil, the singer chants demonic slogans from a circle of candles. Within the circle we see the pentagram, a satanic sign, with the all-seeing eye in the centre, a symbol of freemasonry.

Bambie Thug

Singer Bambie Thug practices Satanism as an idolatry and practices blood sacrifices and spells1. She also identifies as ‘non-binary’ and is active as an LGBT activist. Satanism and sexual perversion go hand in hand in the Eurovision Song Contest performance, in which Bambie Thug and a heard dancer are sexually intertwined.

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‘I speak to destroy’

Doomsday Blue's lyrics leave nothing to doubt: ‘I speak to destroy’ and ‘I cannot avoid, by twisted tongues, a curse pronounced on you’. Asked by The Irish Sun newspaper what these lyrics mean, Bambie Thug says: “I want to get rid of, in my own world view, but also in the world view, outside things like transphobia or people having suffered sexual assault.”

"Just anything negative that has affected me. Trying to curse it out of me.”

‘Literally demonic’

People in Ireland and on global social media are shocked at the satanic act, fans of the Eurovision even used slogans such as 'CrownTheWitch' to promote their favourites to the audience. ‘Anyone engaging in witchcraft, satanism and transgenderism should not be allowed to represent Ireland,’ said one Irishman. ‘A satanic ritual was performed on the Eurovision 2024 stage. God save Europe,’ says one Twitter user. Catholic activist Rebecca Barrett calls the act ‘literally demonic’2.

Joost Klein and Europapa

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest was the most talked-about edition in decades. Not so much because of the uproar surrounding Joost Klein and his utterly uninteresting entry Europapa, but because of Israel's participation and the protest against it. Irish satanist Bambie Thug spoke out in favour of Palestine and against Israel.

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Irish Monks brought the Faith

How far gone is the Eurovision Song Contest that it allows this blasphemy? How far has Ireland sunk that the land of St Patrick sends devil worshippers? For a millennium and a half, Ireland was one of the Church's most faithful daughters. When the Teutons conquered large parts of Europe at the end of antiquity, Irish monasteries sent their monks to preach the faith. For centuries, the Irish kept the flame of faith burning under fierce persecution by the English, who even used genocide.

Satanic Revolution

What the English never succeeded in doing, the Sexual and Satanic Revolution seems to be succeeding: the Irish are being led away from the faith and the Church. They voted overwhelmingly to legalise abortion in 2018. People were misled with fabricated stories of women being killed because they were not allowed to abort. The Revolution is now taking off this humanitarian mask. We are now witnessing the true face of Satan in a devil worshipper like Bambie Thug at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Hopeful Signs

559 Rosary Rallies in 2024

This spiritual battle is being waged across the whole of Ireland.

Ireland seems lost with its satanic contribution to the European event. More hopeful, then, is the crushing number of 563 rosaries that were prayed publicly on May 11th under the direction of the Irish Society for Christian Civillisation.

The battle is being fought openly, now it is up to us to openly choose our side: do we let the devil have free rein or do we side with Our Lord Jesus Christ?