Rowdy Socialists vs. Catholic Crusaders Face-Off at GW Campus

Rowdy Socialists vs. Catholic Crusaders Face-Off at GW Campus

“Everyone in Cuba is happy,” the students claimed, and “the USSR did many great things.

You’d expect such comments in an obscure socialist propaganda piece but not at a respectable university with George Washington’s name.

On September 25, 2023, nineteen young volunteers with TFP Student Action held a campaign against socialism at George Washington University located in Washington, D.C. However, clueless socialists, spitting liberals, and a group of intolerant leftists gathered to oppose them and their message.

Flat Socialist Arguments

TFP volunteers engaged students with flyers titled, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism. They also held a thought-provoking banner with a famous quote by Sir Winston Churchill: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy -- its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Discussions and debates erupted. Although many students agreed with the TFP’s message, the leftist-minded minority refused to engage in meaningful debate. Instead, they responded with shouts, vulgar insults, or ripping up TFP handouts.

“Everyone in Cuba is happy”

One student openly defended Soviet-style socialism. He claimed the USSR did many great things and exonerated Ukraine’s 1932-33 famine as a simple “farming mismanagement.”

TFP volunteer Joseph Dunlap rebutted with the truth: More than 4 million Ukrainians starved to death in the Ukrainian Holodomor because of the Soviet socialization of agriculture and the immoral confiscation of private property.

However, the leftist student denied the facts and jumped to the defense of communist Cuba. “Everyone in Cuba is happy,” he insisted.

When the exchange ended, the student rolled up his sleeve to reveal a hammer and sickle tattoo on his shoulder.

It makes you wonder: Why is a rabid leftist going to a private university at $64,700 a year in a free country he apparently deplores when he could spend much less by going to communist Cuba?

Woke Nonsense

Leftist arguments were erroneous and shallow, but some were altogether strange.

Socialist: “You [TFP member] have a cheap suit!” TFP: “Are you against me being poor?”
Socialist: “I hate poor people.”

A campus Rabbi came to confront TFP volunteers.

Rabbi: “The Old Testament supports redistribution of wealth. Do you know the Old Testament?
TFP: “I know the Ten Commandments, which state’ Thou shall not steal.’ Do you agree with that?
Rabbi: Speaks Hebrew. “Jesus was in favor of redistribution of wealth.”
TFP: “Do you believe Jesus is God?”
Rabbi: “I am god. Everything is god.”

As the Rabbi spoke nonsense, an older Chinese man interrupted him. “Did you ever live in a communist country?”
Rabbi: “My family is from Soviet Russia.”
Chinese anti-communist: “That was not the question. I lived in a Communist country. Communism and socialism are the same thing.”

Another exchange proved how ignorant leftists can be about history.

Leftist: “You’re all Nazis!”
TFP: “Wrong! We oppose socialism and Nazi stands for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. They were socialists.”
Leftist: Stammering.

Leftist hypocrisy was on display as well.

White woke student: “You need diversity.”
TFP: “He is black, and I am Hispanic.”
White woke student: “You don’t count.”

“I know what socialism does!”

Not all students were clueless about the ills of socialism.

“I am from Tibet,” said one. “I know what socialism does. My grandfather was arrested and persecuted by the Chinese communists for having more yaks than others.”

A student from Brazil said, “I support what you do. I left [Brazil] to get away from [socialism]!”

Yet another student offered encouragement. “I just want to say I admire you. It takes a lot of courage to do this. If I took a position like this on campus, they would burn me for it.”

Another interchange demonstrated the effectiveness of TFP’s street campaigns. One man approached TFP volunteer Kevin Roman and said he favored a hybrid economy of socialism and capitalism. Mr. Roman explained the error of this thought process. He explained the benefits of an organic Christian society based on morals and common sense. Intrigued by the concept, the student said, “Now we have a ranking: socialism is down here, and your idea is up here!”

The Left Unmasked

What became evident during the campaign was that the so-called “tolerance” and “open-mindedness” of the left is a one-way street. “I am part of the intolerant left,” said one pro-socialist. “I have no tolerance for you and am closeminded to people I disagree with.”

Spitting and ripping flyers was a common response. One student laughed that over 94 million people have died due to socialism.

“I hate private property,” screamed another.

After several hours, woke students formed into a cluster. They screamed, danced, and yelled vulgar curses. Several students tried provoking TFP volunteers to fight them by insulting family members in vile and impure ways. However, the TFP volunteers kept calm in the face of these provocations. Finally, a police officer pulled the leading provocateur away.

But in the middle of this cacophony, there was support for the TFP. A man from the Dominican Republic told a TFP member, “Although I can’t join you, I support you!” Then he saluted.

Over 94 Million Dead and Counting

According to The Black Book of Communism, written in 1997, communist/socialist regimes are responsible for the deaths of over 94 million people.

The real problem with socialism is its attack on private property and its promotion of radical egalitarianism, which considers man a mere animal and denies the soul’s need for higher values and virtues. It seeks to take away the natural right of property while attacking harmonious inequality, which inevitably leads to tyranny.

Why do some students at GWU support a system that has repeatedly failed and is responsible for so many deaths? Are they clueless and misled? Or do they genuinely desire the suicidal path to socialism?

More Americans need to wake up to the socialist specter and realize that the only solution is a return to a God-centered and virtuous society where property is protected and harmonious inequalities are respected.

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