“Kill it if you Hate it”

Amsterdam Central Station, Netherlands.

“Kill it if you Hate it”

Our volunteers are constantly mobilized to defend moral values. Once again, they were in the center of Amsterdam to pray for the victims of this constant holocaust of the innocent and to draw the attention of passers-by to this tragic reality. In one of the countries considered by many to be the most liberal in the world, we were once again able to see that more and more Dutch people recognize the harmful effects of this same "liberalism". Many have clearly expressed their support, while others - a minority - have made clear the true intentions behind the "right to choose": gruesome murder in the name of "sexual freedom".

Battle Ground

If you ever participated in a street campaign, you would recognize how an peaceful ambience can turn into a battle arena of idea’s in a matter of seconds. That’s what happened when TFP Student Action Europe entered the square in front of the Central Station of Amsterdam that was surrounded by fog. The bagpipe started playing, the banner unrolled and the red grand standard unfurled a Rampant Lion with Tradition Family Property. The challenge to win over public opinion has begun.

From the first moment, people paused and looked at our banner calling for: Pray and Act to End the Sin of Abortion. The young men stepped out into the crowd, handed out flyers and voiced their opposition to the malpractice of abortion. "Are you sure you are in the right place?" asked a left-wing onlooker, thinking no one agreed with us. He was proven wrong.

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If you describe what abortion really is, people reject it altogether.

“I am with you, you are right”

One volunteer walked up to a foreign student and asked if he knew what abortion meant - he had never heard of it before! The pro-lifer continued by explaining that pregnant women take away the life of their babies before they are born. "This is very wrong!" he replied evenly. "That is why we are standing here!" the convinced young man said in a profound way, because the people here, they think it is normal! It is not normal! Then the foreigner asked "is this legal here?", "Yes!, it's crazy! No, it's not normal!" What all is not done in the name of 'a woman's rights'!

“I hated my baby, I killed my baby!”

At the end of the campaign, 2 students walked by and couldn't help but object to the successful act of defending moral values. A young volunteer began a discussion with them, pointing out that abortion is used to kill "unwanted" children, such as girls in Asia and blacks under Jim Crow laws. "That's wrong!" they exclaimed enthusiastically. "But if it's wrong for them, why isn't it wrong for all babies?" They hesitated for a moment; they had never had to answer that question before! She came up with something of her own, though not very convincing or solid to prove: "If it's in your womb, it doesn't really exist." From that moment on, she spoke more openly and let her guard down for a moment, because after some difficult questions, she confirmed: "If you hate it, you can kill it! I hated my baby, I killed my baby!" They showed how radical the revolutionaries are and how far they are willing to go.

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The logical consequence of liberalism is immorality, both in lusts and in criminality (such as murder).

Prayer really works

During the public manifestation of our Catholic faith and pro-life convictions, we recited the rosary, sang hymns, and played songs on the bagpipes to get to the heart of why we are doing this. More than "just" the attack on innocent people, is the war being waged against God, the persecution of the Catholic Church, and the destruction of Christian civilization. These bitter fruits that we are seeing are the result of a process that Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira called "Revolution", as explained in the book Revolution and Counter-Revolution, which analyzes the multi-scalar crisis of the West born with Humanism and the Renaissance: it is a process that, after Protestantism, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the Revolution of 1968, now dominates our post-modern society in which we Catholics find ourselves.

Be part of this Crusade for Moral Values!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke was right. Too many good men are silent. But the only way to face the current crisis and return to the Christian roots of our Culture is for good men to speak up and start doing something.

TFP Student Action - Europe is the student sector formed by young volunteers from several European TFPs - Societies for the Defense of Tradition, Family, Property. Networking with thousands of concerned students and parents, TFP Student Action defends traditional moral values on college campuses, schools, and in the streets, in direct contact with the public. Contact us and find out how you can be part of it!

Contact us and find out how you can be part of it!

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