In Nijmegen: Attacked by Tolerance

In Nijmegen: Attacked by Tolerance

Again, the volunteers of TFP Student Action - Europe raised the standard of Tradition, Family and Property in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, this time to oppose the radical imposition of the LGBT agenda on children.

In this instance, the demonstration took place as a reaction to a “drag queen story hour” – a programme being pushed by advocates of gender theory the world over – in which transvestites read short stories to children under the age of 10.

After about an hour of peaceful campaigning (which was supported by a wide segment of those passing by), homosexual activists brought whistles, sirens and air horns in an attempt to deny the TFP volunteers their right to spread their message.

See below images of the aggressive actions on the part of the homosexual movement:

Determined not to tolerate any form of opposition to their agenda, members of the LGBT movement spat on, insulted – resorting to attacking the religious convictions of those present – and even physically assaulted the members of the TFP.

Not giving in to the intimidation tactics, TFP Student Action Europe volunteers stood their ground in the face of these threats and prevented their symbols from being stolen and defiled.

Once again, the true face of the LGBT movement has been revealed. Share this video with your friends and help defend Europe from the enemies of the family.

May God bless you and your family.