In Aachen Public Act of Reparation and Conference - No to pseudo-blessings for homosexual couples in Catholic parishes!

In Aachen Public Act of Reparation and Conference - No to pseudo-blessings for homosexual couples in Catholic parishes!

Because of the Synodal Way, the Catholic Church in Germany is on the verge of schism.

Some strive for the establishment of a German national church in Germany and try to create facts: In the social networks of the Aachen diocese, for example, an invitation to bless alternative partnerships was circulated with a photo of a same-sex couple.

Bishop Helmut Dieser of Aachen posted this shocking image of two homosexual men engaged in an indecent act on diocesan social media on February 13, with the caption "Love is everything. The censorship was done by us.

The offer of blessings, blessing celebrations and blessing services by the diocese of Aachen is a schismatic and heretical act. Moreover, it is an act of grave disobedience to Rome and the Catholic Magisterium.

Furthermore, blessing ceremonies contradict the Catholic understanding of marriage.

Therefore, in reparation, for the strengthening of the Catholic faith and for the conversion of Germany, volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe with representatives of other TFP and sister associations and faithful from various parishes joined together to pray a public rosary in front of the Aachen Cathedral last Feb. 28.

Without absolutely understanding the reason for the public act, but annoyed by the presence of so many young volunteers of the TFP and faithful of the diocese, groups linked to the LGBT, Antifa, feminist and similar movements organized a brilliant "reception", which only served to show exactly what the activists infiltrated in the German Synodal Way actually want to introduce in the bosom of the Holy Church: vice, death and perversion.

Right after the public rosary, Mr. Mathias von Gersdorff, president of the German TFP gave a conference at our seat in Aachen on the topic: The German Synodal Way and the Project of a New Church.

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May the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints assist the German Catholic Church, and give the bishops who are still able the courage and determination to avert the schism that threatens in the last synodal assembly!

Understanding the campaign

Through its social media channels, the Diocese of Aachen offered blessing celebrations or services "in all regions" on February 14, 2023.

Shocked by these publications, faithful of the diocese and volunteers of TFP Student Action Europe began to organize themselves and launched a manifesto addressed to the bishop of Aachen, Bishop Helmut Dieser, which was then distributed in all parishes of the diocese and vicinity. The main points of the manifesto are:

  • The performance of blessing ceremonies for alternative life partnerships contradicts the "Responsum ab dubium" of March 15, 2021, where it is explained - with emphasis on same-sex couples - that the Church has NO authority to perform such blessings.
  • The Secretariat of State, in its letter of July 21, 2022 to the German Bishops' Conference, expressly forbade making any autonomous changes in magisterium and governance.
  • The implementation of blessing ceremonies even expressly contradicts the - highly controversial - Synodal Way. This is because the basic text "Successful Relationships", which theologically justifies such blessing celebrations, did not receive the necessary majority at the Fourth Synodal Assembly in September 2022. The action text "Blessing Celebrations for Couples Who Love Each Other" will not be addressed until the Fifth Synodal Assembly in March 2023. This means that even the highly controversial Synodal Way cannot be invoked by the Aachen diocese.
  • Bishop Dr. Georg Bätzing, chairman of the German conference, always emphasizes that Germany is not on a path to schism, nor is it on a "German Sonderweg," and of course the German bishops would adhere to the guidelines of the universal church and church law. But the implementation of blessing ceremonies feeds the suspicion that such statements to the universal church are pure stalling tactics, because in some dioceses one is already in the process of creating facts.

Thus, the implementation of blessing ceremonies and the sexual morality that is fundamental to them are a grave transgression against the Catholic faith, against Catholic morality, and against the unity of the Church.

For these reasons, we would like to ask Bishop Dieser,

  1. to do everything possible to ensure that such blessing ceremonies no longer take place in his diocese.
  2. furthermore, we call upon Bishop Helmut Dieser to explain in detail to all relevant bodies in his diocese (parishes, pastoral units, etc.) why such blessing ceremonies contradict Catholic morality and the Catholic Magisterium, and why sacrilegious simulation is a sacramental. So one lies even to those whom one supposedly wants to "bless".

St. John the Baptist, Charlemagne and our Resistance

A relic of St. John the Baptist, together with other valuable relics, will be exhibited in Aachen Cathedral from June 9 to 19, 2023.

It is the cloth with which the head of the forerunner and pioneer of Christ was wrapped. He had been beheaded for denouncing and opposing the immoral and scandalous behavior of Herod.

Therefore, we turn to St. John the Baptist and repeat his words to the shepherds of the Catholic flock who open wide the door to the wolf of heresy, schism and immorality: Non licet tibi. You are not allowed.

We do this not in a spirit of revolt, but of resistance. The same attitude that led Plinio Correa de Oliveira, the inspirer of our movement, to oppose the policy of concessions by parts of the Church to communist regimes. In the words of the famous Catholic thinker, the Church is not, never has been, and never will be a dungeon for upright consciences. An ecclesiastical authority cannot force the faithful to accept what is obviously unacceptable. So we offer resistance that is not separation, not rebellion, not bitterness, not presumption. But within the limits of Church doctrine, it is determined.

In fact, we are urged to such an attitude by canon law itself, when it says: "According to their knowledge, competence and eminent position, they have the right and sometimes even the duty to express their opinions in what concerns the good of the Church, to communicate them to the spiritual pastors, and to make them known to the rest of the faithful, respecting the integrity of faith and morals and reverence for pastors and the general good and dignity of persons." (Can. 212, § 3.)

We therefore call upon all true Roman Catholics to resist with all lawful means at our disposal. Let us not be carried away by discouragement and uncertainty in the face of the internal revolution we are now experiencing in the Church. The Church has seen other winds and weathered other storms and has emerged stronger from every tribulation. The Creed, the Ten Commandments, the whole Bible, and the perennial Magisterium of the Church confirm us in this position.

May Charlemagne, whose relics thousands of faithful venerate each year in Aachen Cathedral, help us to be great in the storm. And may Our Lady of Aachen, so gracious, motherly and royal, spread over us her protective mantle.

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