How Do Liberals Think? The Road to Anarchy is Paved with Liberal Intentions

How Do Liberals Think? The Road to Anarchy is Paved with Liberal Intentions


How do liberals think? The answer isn’t easy because liberals don’t like definition. But after you watch this video, you’ll know exactly how they think. You’ll understand the four most common traits of the liberal mind.

Trait #1: The Liberal Mind Departs from the Truth

At first, the liberal mind takes gradual baby steps away from the truth. In its early stages, the liberal mind does not outright deny objective truth. Instead, liberals deplore its rigidity. They offer half-truths. And these half-truths grease the tracks for accepting error. The liberal mind does not initially embrace error but harbors sympathy for it. For example, liberals might defend private property but also support excessive taxation on those who have large properties. They might oppose crime but also want leniency for felons. They like safe neighborhoods, but they’ll favor defunding the police.

The liberal mind does not seek objective and external truths that explain reality. Liberals only like conclusions that please them. They search for perspectives that fit their temperaments, lifestyles and ways of being. This mindset creates massive contradictions. That’s why liberals will fight to save trees and, at the same time, support the killing of innocent babies with abortion, even up to the moment of birth.

The liberal mind only likes half-truths.

Trait #2: The Liberal Mind Has a Distorted Vision of Freedom

The foundation of liberalism is a distorted vision of freedom that consists of doing what one wants. That’s why liberal action tends to be relativistic and subjective, following the whims of the individual. It can be imaginative and fantasy-driven when a person takes the action to its final consequences.

What truly governs liberal minds and actions are the dictates of each individual’s ideas, tastes, and desires. The individual is the center of everything in liberalism, determining right and wrong, truth and error. This self-centered nature is at the core of liberalism.

The liberal mind is perfectly expressed by the famous Supreme Court decision in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, which stated: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Why is this decision dangerous for society? Because it claims every individual's interpretation of reality is equally valid, regardless of its basis in fact or fiction. This distorted concept of liberty gives the liberal mind permission to say and do outrageous things. Maybe that’s why some liberals self-identify as dogs.

Trait #3: The Liberal Mind Hates Rules and Laws

The liberal mind dislikes rules and laws because law, by definition, is restrictive. Law consists of those reasonable precepts issued by a competent authority to which all must conform for the sake of the common good. But rules and laws upset the liberal mind, which feels attacked by them. Liberals dislike anything that imposes restraint, such as good manners, proper attire, or moral values. In more advanced stages, even the restrictive nature of clothing or grammar can irritate liberal sensibilities.

This mindset explains the liberal hostility to the Church and traditional notions of religion. God is the First Lawgiver. And He punishes those who sin against His Commandments. But the liberal mind prefers a god for whom nothing is a sin. This god is one of the liberals own making. In their one-sided view, the god of liberalism only radiates compassion. The cardinal virtue of justice is discarded.

Trait #4. The Road to Anarchy is Paved with Liberal Intentions

Up to this point, the liberal order has survived because it leeched off the firm foundations of a Christian moral order. The moral influence of the Church, with natural law and other institutions, served to temper disordered ideas and desires. But today half-truths dominate, and error is pushing the envelope closer to the brink of total chaos.

When taken to its final end, the liberal mind naturally leads to anarchy. It will accept no law nor respect any institution that encroaches upon the perceived individual “right” to do whatever it wants.

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