France: a book denounces the Woke Revolution

France: a book denounces the Woke Revolution


The French association Avenir de la Culture recently published the book La Révolution woke débarque en France. Edited by Atilio Faoro, the book recounts the progress of the cultural revolution underway in France. Born on North American campuses, the Woke ideology uses the injustices suffered by sexual or racial minorities as a pretext to methodically deconstruct Western civilisation. Woke activists claim that whites oppress blacks, men oppress women, heterosexuals oppress homosexuals, Christians oppress Muslims, as well as humans oppress animals! Everything that was once considered worthy of admiration - manhood, marriage, our literature, our great men, our civilisation and, of course, our religion - is now considered 'toxic' and oppressive.

A new class struggle

In essence, as the book shows, wokism is nothing more than the application of the Marxist class struggle to all human relations. The goal is the same as communism: to subvert the social order and destroy the remnants of Christian civilisation. Europe, the cradle of Christianity, will dissolve into Africa; the family will disappear under the blows of feminism and gender theory; man, instituted by God as master of creation, will recognise the dignity of animals as equal to his own.

"They must be eliminated"

The statements of the supporters of this revolution, listed by Atilio Faoro, are equally revealing admissions. "Our presence on French soil is Africanising, Arabising, Berberising, Creolising and Islamising the once white and immaculate first-born daughter of the Church," boasts indigenous activist Houria Bouteldja. "It is not enough for us to help each other, we must in turn eliminate them. Eliminate them from our minds, from our images, from our representations [...],' writes feminist Alice Coffin about men in Le génie lesbien. Before being appointed Minister of Education by Emmanuel Macron, the academic Pap Ndiaye expressed his distaste for French culture in terms directly inspired by Woke ideology: 'French genius too often hides a chauvinist, male, white, heterosexual universalism'.

A slow poison

Despite the threat to the future of their country and their children, many French people are unaware of this insidious revolution. The book published by Avenir de la Culture has chosen to warn them by confronting them directly with the facts. Numerous scientific studies have been published on the nature and origins of this revolution. In this book, the French association denounces what the concrete consequences of this revolution are. The reader is thus invited to realise that wokism is not an abstract ideology that exclusively, if not mainly, concerns the academic circles in which it was born. On the contrary, it is a slow-moving poison that spreads everywhere and spares no one. In the name of the fight against racism, global warming, homophobia or gender inequality, French children are being brainwashed, and it does not spare the Catholic world either.

The contaminated Catholic press

For example, La Révolution woke débarque en France points the finger at the magazines of the Bayard group, owned by the Augustinians of the Assumption. These magazines are engaged in intense woke propaganda aimed at both teenagers and children. In December 2022, the monthly Youpi, aimed at children aged 5 to 8, promoted illegal immigration by telling the story of a sympathetic African illegal immigrant family persecuted by the French police. The quarterly 1 jour 1 actu, aimed at children aged 8 and up, talked about Gay Pride: 'It is a joyful event (...) organised to defend the rights of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual people...'. The magazine We Demain promoted artificial meat in the name of the 'animal revolution' to pre-teens, and the publication Phosphore, aimed at their peers between the ages of 14 and 18, published a '100% anti-sexist' issue in which teens can discover the story of Pablo who 'wore a skirt to support his friends'. When we read such abominations, we are reminded of Christ's terrible warning in the Gospel: 'But if anyone offends one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea' (Mat 18:6).

Targeted schools

Woke propaganda is also being unleashed in schools. Avenir de la Culture denounces the strange 'hymn' that the pupils of the first class of a Catholic primary school in Bordeaux had to sing: 'Let's open another way, let's take care of the planet (...) let's support with one voice the revolutionary project; nature will be the law of this third millennium'. The weekly magazine Valeurs Actuelles, quoted in the book, reports that in a Catholic school in a large city, pupils were invited to read a comic strip entitled Appelez-moi Nathan, which tells the story of a transsexual teenager. To become a boy, he undergoes a bilateral mastectomy, i.e. the removal of his breasts, and a hysterectomy, i.e. the removal of his uterus. These mutilations are illustrated with gory images of rare violence. Since this disgusting propaganda takes place in 'Catholic' publications and institutes, it is not difficult to imagine what happens elsewhere...

Young people in grave danger

According to an IFOP poll in November 2020, almost a quarter of young French people between the ages of 18 and 30 feel neither male nor female! An Ipsos poll in June 2023 confirms this trend: 22% of French people born after 1997 say they are LGBT. On TikTok, the network favoured by teenagers, videos on 'non-binary', or androgynous, clothing styles record millions of views in France. And the social network Yubo, which presents itself as a friendship site for 13-19 year olds, has decided to incorporate 35 gender nuances into its application. Its members can call themselves 'agenre', 'polygender' or simply 'gender questioning' for the more indecisive... The organisers of Paris Gay Pride, the homosexual parade where debauchery is on display, told Le Figaro that they were overwhelmed by 'an ocean of teenagers'. The famous Parisian newspaper gave some teenagers the chance to have their say, and the least one can say is that what they declared is alarming. Juliette, 17, declares that she does not identify as 'heterosexual' but as 'pansexual'. "Man-woman, male, female... Today we realise that things are much less binary. One can feel neither male nor female, or I change depending on the period,' he adds. Asked by her father if she was gay, Anaïs, at 13, replied: 'But you are so old! How can you ask such a question in 2021? It has nothing to do with it. I'm gender fluid'.

Climate marches

Unfortunately, the same ideological delusion can be found in other areas. The famous 'climate marches' brought thousands of French high school students onto the streets, galvanised by Greta Thunberg's apocalyptic 'prophecies'. These young people no longer dared to fly or eat meat, convinced that by doing so they would be committing a crime against the environment. Feminism exacerbated by the Me Too movement, which also originated in the United States, is causing a deep sense of unease among many young people, who are suspected of being rapists or molesters just because they were born male. Movements like Black Lives Matter call on all our young people to apologise for their ancestors, under the fallacious pretext that they were racist and oppressive in every way.

"Let's wipe the slate clean"

Young people may be the main target of wokism, but they are not the only ones.... Indeed, nothing escapes the militants who want to deconstruct everything. Like the revolutionaries of 1789 and 1917, the followers of wokism claim to want to build a new humanity. To achieve it, they seek to wipe the slate clean. Before the aristocrat, after the bourgeois: today, it is the white, heterosexual, 'cisgender', Christian, carnivorous man who must be eradicated from the face of the earth. They call for his head, anti-racists, homosexual and transgender activists, feminists and anti-specialists. Of course, the likelihood of that head ending up on the end of a pike is remote. Nor can we imagine half the Western world being sent to the Gulag.

Yet, in the name of benevolence and justice, a new totalitarianism threatens the once Christian world.

"The private sector is political"

Like Marxism of yesteryear, Wokism is a global ideology. It claims to govern all social interactions, both public and private. The agenda pursued by the Greens in France is an excellent illustration of this re-education enterprise, as the book La Révolution woke débarque en France shows. In recent years, ecologists have taken turns calling for a ban on Christmas trees in the name of plant rights, a ban on the Tour de France because of the pollution it would generate, a ban on private swimming pools to combat water wastage, a ban on barbecues guilty of promoting machismo, a ban on private jets accused of heating up the planet, and, of course, a ban on bullfights in the name of the fight against animal abuse. Ecologist Sandrine Rousseau even suggested that it should be a crime not to share household chores! "Private life is political," she explained. A statement that the people's commissars of the Soviet Union would no doubt have applauded with both hands...

Voting permits

In the same totalitarian vein, Aymeric Caron, an ecologist deputy from Paris, defended the idea of a 'voting permit' granted only to those citizens deemed best suited to exercise this function. Why bother to make a single party when it is enough to allow only those professing the same ideology to express their opinions! Another communist idea defended by the Greens, this time imported from China, is that of limiting birth rates. In order to protect the planet and 'better welcome migrants', former environment minister and historic party member Yves Cochet proposed to 'reverse the logic of family allowances'. "The more children you have, the more the benefits decrease, until they disappear after the third birth," he suggested.

Crush opponents

Anyone who refuses to participate in these lies is 'erased', to use a neologism from the Woke matrix. In the name of inclusion, all dissidents are ruthlessly excluded. They are not put to death. They are rarely put in prison. However, they are 'erased' from public life, just as in the Soviet Union they were erased from official photographs. Writers, actors, teachers, elected representatives and religious authorities are cast into obscurity and then into the limbo of anonymity. In production studios and publishing houses, only one thought is tolerated. "Amazon, which controls most of the American book market, recently decided not to sell books criticising transgenderism (but you can still buy Mein Kampf)," laments North American philosopher Rod Dreher. A thought police, no less zealous and effective than the Guepeu, is rampant on social networks. Insidious slogans such as 'freedom of expression does not equal freedom to offend' make public debate impossible. Thus the Woke revolution triumphs, without a single drop of blood being shed.

Opposing the totalitarian machine

Solzhenitsyn wrote: 'I do not have the strength, little individual that I am, to oppose the enormous totalitarian machine of lies, but I can at least make sure that I am not a gateway for lies'. This, in short, is the challenge facing those in France and elsewhere in the West who have realised the fraudulent nature of Stalin's heirs. Will they be able to count on the support of the clergy, and in particular the bishops, in their struggle? The Woke revolution is not only a cultural war, unprecedented since the revolution of the same name led by Mao Zedong in China. It is also a spiritual battle: after the dizzying decline in religious practice following the Second Vatican Council by us and our neighbours, even in Italy, it is now the vestiges of our culture steeped in Christianity that are being targeted. Where can the 'deconstruction' of God's will lead, if not to the devil's reign on earth? The faithful, aware of the immense danger that threatens them and their children, expect their pastors to fight this battle at their side and, if possible, at their head.

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