European Crusade for the Family strikes the heart of the LGBT movement

European Crusade for the Family strikes the heart of the LGBT movement

Today, the LGBT lobby has a major presence in essentially every city in the West. One in particular, though, has the reputation for being in the vanguard of the homosexual movement. That is, of course, Amsterdam. It could even be considered a sort of Mecca for the sexual revolution. Indeed, people travel from far and wide to visit it specifically because of its moral permissiveness on sexuality and drugs.

What better place, then, for TFP Student Action's European Crusade for the Family to conclude its inaugural caravan?

Unbeknownst to the organisers of the campaign, however, the day they arrived was the same day as an LGBT march which would kick off an international “pride” week.

Arriving early, TFP Student Action - Europe was able to set up its campaign in front of the historic Central Station long before the crowds arrived. Naturally, this venue provided the volunteers with a high volume of foot traffic to distribute their leaflets to.

According to the campaigners, it was not uncommon to see groups leaving the station -- holding rainbow flags and ready to celebrate – left in total dismay upon seeing the demonstration. In the words of one Brazilian man who passed by, “I can't believe that they [the TFP] are here too...”

Despite the large number of people traveling for Pride week, the Student Action members reported that an overwhelming proportion of responses were positive. At first, this may seem curious, but as one of the Dutch organisers of the campaigns explained, the people of the Netherlands are so exasperated by the constant bombardment of LGBT propaganda that anything contradictory is seen as a breath of fresh air.

This trend is apparently not limited to the Netherlands, as the reaction of a group of British tourists demonstrates, “Just the other day there was a demonstration of homosexuals and even paedos [paedophiles] in London. They were doing absolutely disgusting stuff in public. I'm glad to see somebody's taking the [wind] out of them.”

In one notable instance, a young man who had previously been debating with one of the members – and who appeared to be under the influence of drugs – assaulted one of the campaigners and stole his cape. As he attempted to flee with the symbol, he was chased down by several members of the public and some of the TFP volunteers. After running for about 3 city blocks, they were able to stop him and retrieve the stolen property. The police were also forced to remove a man from the scene in another instance.

Having exhausted their supply of literature, the action concluded around 13:30. By the end of the campaign, some 5,000 leaflets had been distributed.

Commenting on the event, Mr Hugo Bos, head of Civitas Christiana and one of the principle organisers of the demonstration, said that the campaign in Amsterdam proves that the strength of the sexual revolution's dominance over public opinion is largely a myth. In the future, he hopes to have more such actions in Netherlands and looks forward to others following suit.